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Did You Know…

We have a subreddit for Unfiltrd creators? We know we complain about reddit and how it’s a pain in the ass sometimes because of how finicky some mods are, and how many trolls there are. But that doesn’t mean it is not a good resource for information from other creators. In fact, we’ve mentioned in a few other blogs the benefits of following and participating in subreddits such as r/Creators Advice and r/Onlyfans Advice Both are great resources for advice on managing bad subs, creating tip menus and spotting scams. We get a lot of ideas for our blog from these sub Reddits.

Unfiltrd has its own advice sub reddit and has for a little over a year… however it’s rather dead because almost no one uses it. If you need advice on how to use a feature of Unfiltrd, ask a question about scams we see or really anything pertaining to the Unfiltrd community, you can do so here.


Here’s what Unfiltrd Advice is not: It is not a space to advertise! You should not be using unfiltrd advice to recruit subs. It also should not be used to advertise any other services on or off unfiltrd. The mods will remove or deny anything that would be considered advertising. However we will allow SOME things that are a clear benefit to the community, such as training from cyber security experts on how to keep you information safe online. Posting advertisements for subs or services will result in a warning, multiple warnings will have you removed from the subreddit.

It is not a place for you to air grievances about the platform or other content creators on unfiltrd. If you’ve got a problem, take it up with support. Trolling other users of the subreddit will get you banned from the subreddit.

We’re not bragging about what percentage of earners we are in here. This is a place to help fellow content creators and share experiences and tips. Not to flex about how much you make and how many subs you have.

No sfs, l4l, etc. This is not a networking space. If you want to network, you can do so in other forums. our advice subreddit is not the space for it.

In general, just be nice and utilize this as a learning space.


If you want to join our subreddit, you can do so from the link above. Moderators will approve you joining the subreddit. You will need to send a message to the moderators with your unfiltrd link in order to comment or post in this subreddit. We hope to see you there! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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