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Saturday Morning Musings

its Saturday morning and there are torrential downpours happening outside my window. The ocean is is crashing against the beach, the coffee is fresh and pipping hot. As I put the finishing touches on the upcoming creator workshop I wanted to share something with you all.

Yesterdays blog was based on how to set up your tip menu so that you can make the most money. I even added my own tip menu as an example of how you can se yours up. This tip menu is pinned to my unfiltrd page, and has been mass DMd to all of my followers and subscribers. I’ve also done blogs about pricing your content accordingly, valuing your time and energy, and collecting payment upfront. These are all important parts of being a content creator. And I put a lot of focus on these because as content creators, we are small business owners. When you go to the coffee shop, you dont try to barter for cheaper coffee. The shop has set their price and you accept that, and pay for your order, no questions asked. You should be treating your business the same way. If someone requests a service of you and tries to barter you down, stand firm. Honestly anyone who tries to bring your prices down, or refuses to pay upfront, has no intention of actually purchasing from you to begin with. For example, I get at least one message a week on Unfiltrd using the custom request feature. The custom request is typically “Pictures and videos. Anal content” …. 😑 And always from someone who hasn’t subscribed and uses this to get around my $1 message paywall. I am the QUEEN of anal content, you can subscribe to see that. But then, there’s also a sub who subscribed to my highest tier, and within 24 hours, and after I sent out my new menu, requested a 20 minute long custom. When I gave him the price for it, he paid immediately, no questions asked. These are the customer we want. We love these ones because they clearly intend to pay whatever the cost. And not push back on it. If you do get pushback on your pricing, remind them that there is an industry standard to pricing, especially on custom content, typically $10 a minute, though more experienced creators charge more, and payment upfront insures that you are not wasting your time creating content that they wont purchase. Stick to your guns with this.

Anyways, those are my thoughts for the day, so I’ll leave you with them. I hope to see you all Tuesday at the creator workshop! Love, Sara Unfiltrd Staff

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