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Security vs Support

Did you know we have a dedicated security team? Brandon manages all things security for unfiltrd. This includes but is not limited to: – content leak takedowns – reports of abuse – monitoring the site for community guidelines violations – Answering questions about community guidelines. – accepting or rejecting creator applications. For the most part we see that user will reach out to support in regards to many of these subjects when they should be reaching out to Security. You’ll get a faster answer on these types of subjects through security than you would otherwise.

When reaching out to support keep in mind that Support is here to help you handle things like delayed payout requests, site functionality, and bug reports. If a user is harassing you, spamming you or you need to report a community guidelines violation or need clarification on if something is allowed or not, contact Security. Contacting the correct team for specific issues ensures that you’re getting the right kind of help for the issue at hand. Security cant help with your payout request, and support will usually forward creator application help and abuse reports to security.

Help us help you better. Happy Saturday, Unfiltrd Staff.

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