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Customs for Newbies

One of our most lucrative avenues as content creators is custom content. Observing our platform's rapid expansion, I believe it's an opportune moment to delve into this topic for our burgeoning creators. Today, we'll dissect the nuances of custom content, covering expectations and compensation.

Questions to Ask

Encountering a customer request for custom content? Here's what you need to inquire and the expectations you should establish:

First and foremost, when approached for a custom piece, prioritize understanding the duration and specific desires for the video.

The length will dictate the base cost, while the client's specific requests (such as the inclusion of names or particular kinks) may necessitate additional charges. I personally charge extra for add-ons, you can and should do the same. For instance, if a request comes in for a 10-minute video incorporating their name and, let's say, anal content, I charge by the minute plus an additional $5 for each specified element (the name and the anal content).

Clarifying these details upfront allows you to set a clear expectation for the cost, enabling the client to assess if it aligns with their budget. Should it exceed their budget, consider offering a condensed version or a modest discount. Negotiating within the client's financial constraints not only secures you a sale but also cultivates loyalty as clients appreciate the effort not to overcharge them.


Upon finalizing the custom content's specifics and price, establish a clear expectation for delivery. I commit to a 48-hour turnaround upon receiving payment. It's crucial to always, without exception, request payment upfront. Thus, I communicate, "If you tip me the custom amount today, I can deliver it within two days." Adherence to this timeline is vital. A delay beyond the agreed 48 hours necessitates prompt communication with the client, who will likely understand provided you offer a valid reason for the delay. Failing to update the client can tarnish your reputation, as word-of-mouth is powerful.

Beware of proceeding without upfront payment, especially for requests incorporating personalization like names. Delivering without prior payment risks wasted effort on content that's unsellable due to its personalized nature. Sometimes, the mere act of commissioning custom content satisfies certain clients, regardless of whether they actually view it. Hence, insist on payment before beginning any work.


Content creators are at liberty to set their prices based on their experience. Initially, I charged $5 per minute without additional fees for extras. Six years on, my rates have escalated to $25 per minute plus $5 for each add-on, such as names and specific kinks, as previously mentioned. Here are some pricing tips:

Recognize the value of your time. Consider various factors when setting your rates, including not just the video's duration but also preparation time for the filming space, hair and makeup, potential retakes during filming, and editing.

A 5-minute video might entail up to two hours of work, factoring in all the steps mentioned. Your time is invaluable—the most significant currency we possess. Price your services accordingly.

Once you've established your custom content pricing strategy, I recommend creating a tip menu outlining your rates. Tip menus can be crafted on platforms like Canva in roughly 10 minutes, depending on the complexity desired. This menu acts as a comprehensive pricing guide for your clients, and I suggest pinning it to your profile for easy access.

Here's a glance at an old tip menu of mine:

In wrapping up, diving into the realm of custom content creation not only opens up avenues for significant income but also forges a deeper connection with your fanbase. It's about striking the right balance between meeting client requests and valuing your time and creativity. Remember, clear communication, setting firm boundaries, and understanding your worth are the pillars of successfully navigating this path. As you grow and adapt in this ever-evolving landscape, these insights into custom content creation will serve as your guide, empowering you to craft content that resonates, rewards, and reflects the best of your unique talents. So, gear up, get creative, and let's make magic happen—one custom piece at a time.

K love you byeeeeee

Sara Lyn.

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