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Onlyfans & Unfiltrd Management Agencies EXPOSED!?

Many of the top creators on Onlyfans, Unfiltrd, and other fan subscription platforms (to many people's surprise) are actually being managed and run by agencies and managers. While this practice can be quite controversial and is oftentimes kept "hush hush", there is more to meets the eye about agencies operating on fan platforms. And some of the things I'm about to spill in this blog will SHOCK you. But before we get into the nitty gritty, let's look at the pros and cons of having an account manager or agency run your page. We will dive into some other reasons why you should or shouldn't consider one for your own page, as well as why agencies can be a creator's worst enemy!

First the pros! I want to start off on a positive note, so let's look at why having an agency or manager on your page is a hugely beneficial (and also hugely stress-relieving) thing! Running your own spicy page, juggling your other job or side-hustle, creating content, and just living every day life can be a LOT for some of us. Not everyone has the time to log into their fan page every day and chat with all of their potential customers. The fact that not all creators are able to be active several hours per day means a loss in potential revenue and a loss in engagement with fans (which means a lower churn and audience retention rate). In these situations, having a management agency run some or all aspects of your fan page is a great way to make sure that you are making the most amount of money (even after a percentage is taken for the manager's cut). In many situations, a creator will earn just as much money with an agency, after their cut is taken, if not more! In these cases, it is a no-brainer to have someone else handle your page. For other creators, mentally and emotionally being able to handle a ton of people talking daily is too much, so in these cases, having a chatter/manager/agency is a huge help and weight off of their shoulders. Furthermore, some creators are just not tech-savvy or good with making sales! Agencies usually specialize in creators getting the most money for their content!

And now how about the cons? Obviously having an agency or manager on your page comes with so many perks, but there is a dark side to the industry. There are plenty of management agencies that are incredibly predatory, and will charge creators ludicrous percentages to run their pages. Some agencies will take over 50% from a creator's gross revenue, and will even link THEIR agency's bank account to the fan page so that all revenue goes to them first. My recommendation for a good percentage to give to an agency is anywhere from 20-30%. Anything more than that, and it is TOO much! Not to mention, on platforms such as Onlyfans, allowing an agency access to your password, banking, and other personal information leaves you in a very vulnerable position. An agency can easily change a creator's password or email on their account without the creator knowing. This is why platforms such as Unfiltrd are really representing creators' best interests by incorporating a special agency feature which is designed to give managers access only to the feed and messages, and NEVER a creator's password or personal information. The last big con for having an agency run your page is getting sucked into an unfair and LONG contract. In my years of being in this industry, I have met so many creators who unknowingly signed up with agencies that put ridiculous and predatory clauses into their contracts. Unfortunately, these creators didn't realize what they got themselves into until it was too late. I've even heard of creators signing over (unknowingly) all rights to their Onlyfans page AND social media accounts! That is some scary SH%!T!

So what can you do to protect yourself and should you or shouldn't you consider hiring an agency or manager to help out with your page? If you have the time to run your own account and find pleasure in chatting with your fans, then odds are you don't have to hire any help. Nothing is better and more motivating than keeping the highest % of revenue from your sold content. Having full control and oversight of your business and brand is a powerful feeling! However, if you feel that your page is not performing as well as it should because you do not have the time or the patience to chat with fans- then looking into getting an agency to take the load off of you is a viable option! Just make sure that you read any contract from top to bottom before you sign your name on the dotted line, and if you can, try to have an account on a platform such as Unfiltrd, where an agency can only have front-end access to your page and NEVER have access to your password and personal information.

If you are interested in having an agency take over your Unfiltrd page, we have plenty of agencies on Unfiltrd that are ready to help you based on your specific and personalized needs. Have us match you with an agency! Best of all, agencies on Unfiltrd do NOT take crazy percentages of revenue, don't require you to sign lengthy contracts, and are all run by fellow industry professionals!

Email me at for help being placed with a manager or agency!



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