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How I made One Million Dollars Selling Adult Content (Yes, Really).

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I know the title of this blog may have you feeling all types of ways. It may have you feeling skeptical, doubtful, or it may even motivate you! I know that we are in a day and age where every week there seems to be a new article out in the tabloids or the New York Post saying how someone’s grandmother is making one million dollars on Onlyfans by selling her used underwear, but I promise you that this isn’t that sort of click-bait content.

Yes, I really made over one million dollars selling adult content and it all boils down to some very simple things that I did. And while those things may seem very simple, just like the most simple dishes in French cuisine, they do still take the most skill, practice, and dedication. Sometimes the answers and solutions are very obvious, but its the execution that is tough. So let me share with you the things that I did and perfected in order to allow me to become the 1% of spicy content creators. Perhaps if you just implement some of these strategies you can up your game. Make sure to read through till the end to see where I am currently in my content creation journey today!

  1. Create a social media following OUTSIDE of doing spicy content. So that means create a YouTube channel, a Tik Tok, an Instagram, a blog, or a Twitch channel. You get the picture. The most successful creators are the ones who command an audience without taking their clothes off FIRST. That way, there is a slew of fans on another platform waiting and ready to head over to another platform to dish out money to see the more risque stuff. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. This involves trial and error, finding your niche, finding something you enjoy, and so on. It may take a while, so patience is key. I started out doing makeup videos on YouTube which were a failure, and then eventually a year later moved to storytime videos about my dating life and lingerie hauls which became a hit. Hundreds of thousands of people watched these videos and this provided an amazing funnel to my fan subscription platform.

  2. Don’t underestimate the loyalty of fans. Some of the best, highest paying members are the ones that have stuck around for a long time. They are the ones that I’ve engaged with for years and years. Learn names, take notes, know details about their lives. You may not think it’s important, but knowing these things will ensure that these people stick around and build up your reoccuring subscriber fan base (which over time can really add up). AND, if you can get a high paying subscriber fan base that is highly loyal and sticks around, even better! Most of these people are the types that will unlock all of your content and tip generously. Loyalty is built by creating conversations with fans that span far outside of sexual talk and lewd topics. Talk about sports, favorite tv shows, and give advice. Obviously, be mindful of your own privacy and safety, but try to forge an online fanship that is rewarding for both you and your client!

  3. Manage your own page is a necessary evil. I know that most people assume that once you get to the big leagues of content creators that you have to have multiple assistants helping you shoot content, answer messages, rub your feet, etc, etc. But personally, I feel that having FULL control of my content and the connection with my fans has enabled me to be the most successful and to have the best oversight on my pricing, retention, and everything in between. I guess I’m a bit of a control freak and have heard too many horror stories. If you are going to have anyone help you with your page, make sure to still be involved and check in often to make sure things are being done the way you’d like. Make sure to still take part, answer messages, and check on the messages that are scheduled as well as the prices that have been set. Being involved is KEY. When you are a content creator there will be people trying to take advantage of you every step of the way.

  4. Smart promotion and PR. This goes hand in hand with having your own seperate social media eco system that thrives outside of your spicy content. This is where you will promote your spicy content, and the WAY you promote it and the way people respond to it is so important. I always like to make people curious and not give too much away. Being slightly more reserved on my socials (and almost a bit prude) has been beneficial for me because people cannot believe that I have an Unfiltrd page and are THAT much more tempted to check it out. My promos consist of reels, Tik Toks, and stories. In those pieces of content I try to not making it ALL about my Unfiltrd and my spicy content but moreso a story or topic relating to it that is entertaining or funny. If you make your post too sales-y or too much like a pitch, it will come across as pushy and not genuine. Keeping it real is important.

  5. Which leads me to my last tip. KEEP IT REAL. Don’t be afraid to be you. Don’t be afraid to post the not-so-sexy stuff or to post you when you’re not wearing makeup. I always tell people that the most money I ever made in a month was when I was at my heaviest and was actually not feeling my most beautiful. I think people appreciate our flaws a alot more than we do. Our flaws really do make us unique. Today, so many Instagram hotties look like carbon copies of eachother (and no hate to them, because they look incredible), but I think sometimes people just want a little variety and reality.

So that’s it my friends, those are my tips on becoming a 7 figure earner like me. The big question is, how much am I making now, and what is the current status of my content creation career?

Well, I have semi-retired from content creation. What does that mean? It means that I create content in my spare time when I feel like it. I am a full time CEO now so I work as a creator just part-time. I still check my page every single day, however, and I still fullfill custom orders, sell content, and do the occassional voice or video call. While I may not be earning the $80,000 per month I used to make, I’m still making an amazing side hustle income with my content, and best of all, I’m able to do it whenever I want to. I hope you can too!


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