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Unfiltrd Talk with Shake Chatterjee: Villain to Winning.

On episode two of the podcast Steph talks with Shake from House of Villains! A new show on E! featuring a bunch of your favorite reality TV Star Villains.

Shake gives us the low down on what reality TV is actually like, his struggles with his own mental health while filming and more.

From Love is Blind To a House full of Villains!

So we all know Shake from Love is Blind, he was portrayed as a villain on the show but in reality he's a pretty chill guy, a Veterinarian, and honestly not the villain he's been made out to be. In this new reality TV series, coming to peacock soon, he's joined by Iconic villains like Oma Rosa of The Apprentice and Johnny Fairplay of Survivor and New York from Flava of Love, I Love New York and my personal favorite, Charm School. She's an OG villain.


We all know that reality tv likes to portray people in the worst possibly way when they've decided they want to make someone the villain. Steph and 90 Day Fiancé is a great example. Shake discusses that his own personal brand of "Villainy" was really just keeping it real and 100%. He's outspoken and a little sassy but honestly just chill. So reality TV vs Reality are two completely different things.

In the real world people recognize Shake, and say things to him like "you kept it real!" "You're my boy" and "OMG they did you dirty on that show!!"

Life in Reality TV

Shake discusses parts of filming on Love is Blind that were uncomfortable, like Shane not being comfortable with being on boats, and they stuck him in a boat. There were instances where there was no food in the house but plenty of alcohol. They didn't mess too much with Shake in the house, but the edits portrayed him as an absolute Villain! Shake went to Love is Blind earnestly looking for love, marriage and compatibility. After season watching season one he figured the odds were decent. But he wouldn't recommend this method for everyone.

Life Off Screen

Steph and Shake talk about life in Miami, the dating scene and what he's looking for in a partner. Shake has gotten into Real Estate in Miami and loves helping people find their dream homes. When looking for a partner he needs what he calls an Anchor. He says every relationship has two types of people in them; a kite and an Anchor. Kites are the people in front of the camera, on social media, the carefree slightly crazy people, and the anchor is the one keeping the kite here in reality. And he feels you shouldn't have two kites or two anchors in a relationship.

You can follow Shake on instagram @thepuppydoc for more about his reality tv appearances and new kinds of mortgages specifically for content creators like you and I.

K Love you BYEEEE

Sara Lyn.

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