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10 ways to avoid burn out as an adult content creator!

Lets face it, although we have the best job in the world it’s not easy being a content creator. Between creating content, managing your platforms and interacting with fans, the job can be time consuming, tedious and repetitive. There have been many times where I did not feel motivated to shoot content because of how mundane creating content can be and many of those times my revenue was significantly impacted. So, I came up with a list of ways to avoid creator burn out to keep you inspired and motivated to stay in the game:

1. Stock Up On Wardrobe

For me personally, I enjoy purchasing new outfits and lingerie to keep my content fresh. There is an added perk to keeping up on your wardrobe and that is that first and foremost purchasing anything for your business such as wardrobe is a tax write off. Second, you can auction the items for double what you paid which will not only make up for the cost of the wardrobe but also make you money as well.

2. Collab

Creating content, especially if you shoot mostly solo content, can be lonely and repetitive. Even if you do not shoot explicit content, collabing with another creator can not only increase your traffic and revenue, but it also mixes things up and gives your fans something different to enjoy. Oh, and did I mention it’s fun?

3. Location

If you’re anything like me, I only have one room in my house that offers the perfect natural lighting which allows me to get the most flattering shots of myself, however shooting in the same spot, same location, and same environment can really put a damper on your motivation. Seek out content friendly locations on sites such as PeerSpace or Air-BnB where you can not only get creative with your content, but also have a little fun. A change of atmosphere is the best way to ignite your creative side and re-inspire your motivation.

4. Create A Game Plan

Creating a game plan for what type of content and how much content you need will help keep you organized and on task. If you have a set schedule, you are more inclined to stay dedicated to creating consistent content. If you’re content is consistent, you’ll generate more revenue and increase your income.

5. Do Live Shows

I know, it’s tough between managing your sites, shooting content, scheduling content, engaging with fans and keeping up on your socials is exhausting! The last thing you want to do is carve out more time for your fans by doing a live show. However, live shows give you the opportunity to connect with your fans on a more personal basis and also open opportunities for you take make more money. A fun live show idea can be playing games or doing raffles with your fans.

6. Connect & Network

A super important aspect of content creation is networking. Connect with other content creators and pick their brains for advice and ideas as to how you can keep your content fun and engaging.

7. Have MANY Different Revenue Streams

Uploading your content and expanding your reach by having many different revenue sources. Recycling your content or having specific content dedicated to different subscription platforms is a great way to keep you busy. A busy mind will never be bored!

8. Take Breaks

Creator burn out is inevitable and happens to even the most successful content creators. Make sure you are giving yourself a healthy work/life balance to keep your motivation and determination to succeed in check.

9. Think Of Money

Money, money, money! Isn’t that why we are in this game? The number thing that helps keep me motivated and inspired is the desire to increase my revenue each month. If I continue staying motivated and driven by keeping my content fresh, fun and engaging my revenue will increase. If your revenue increases, that allows you opportunities such as the ability to purchase that item you have been saving up for, paying off that credit card bill you’ve put off paying for so long or making enough money to take yourself on a fancy vacation where … guess what? You can create content that will in turn make you even more money!

10. Have Fun!

The most important aspect about creating content is that you need to be having fun. If you love your job and you are having a good time doing it, you will never feel like you are actually working!


Brett Rossi

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