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FEATURING this week: Brett Rossi & Stephanie Matto at Hustler St. Louis!


Last week we touched on what it was like to be a feature entertainer who travels around the country dancing from club to club, but I am sure a lot of you are curious and have been wondering what the heck an "Unfiltrd Take Over" is. If you are a creator for Unfiltrd or if you follow the Unfiltrd socials, you have probably seen our CEO, Stephanie and myself promoting these takeover events while also traveling around the country.

These events are another aspect as to what sets apart Unfiltrd from any other subscription platform on the market. As you may or may not know, we are partnered with the largest club chain in the country, DeJaVu/Hustler. They have about 200 clubs that span nation wide. With that being said, our platform is not only a subscription platform just for creators, but we also are catering to the clubs we are partnered with to give their guests an elevated virtual experience extending beyond being physically in the club.

For the Unfiltrd take over events, Stephanie and I hop from club to club educating management AND potential creators not only about the benefits of our platform, but also how to be successful and make money while being a creator AND/OR a club. At these events, we not only educate but we also give our free goodies and swag, meet new and interesting people from all walks of life, but also get to experience different aspects of the country that we likely would not normally get to do if it were not for this exciting opportunity of being partnered with such a large corporation.

This last weekend, Stephanie and I spent 12 hours in St. Louis at the Hustler Club. I will say, this is probably one of the nicest and CLEANEST strip club establishments I have visited in my tenure (and let me tell you - I've been to a LOT of clubs). The general manager, Wolf, definitely takes pride and ownership in the club and it certainly shows. He runs a tight ship and his enthusiasm for being a team player running a successful club has rubbed off on his staff. Speaking of staff, they are assertive, present, willing and enthusiastic to be at work which is a refreshing twist to most of my experiences I have had with other clubs throughout the years. The cleanliness of the club and the gorgeous roster of entertainers is also not surprising considering the quality of employees who contribute to running this club. The St. Louis Hustler Club is a club I would highly recommend visiting should you be a strip club connoisseur or a dancer looking for a quality club to dance at.

With that being said, It is exciting to know, our platform offers unique features that no other subscription platform has to offer right now on the market which is what makes these take over events even more exciting. I won't go into too much detail as to what else happens at these club take overs, you'll have to come and experience one yourself, but I will say it is a unique opportunity for everyone involved. Of course, I also wont give away our recipe to our 'secret sauce' entirely. You'll have to become a creator to enjoy the perks of what Unfiltrd has to offer that no other platform can give you and with that, I bid you adieu.

Catch you next week!

Brett Rossi


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