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3 Common Mistakes Delaying Your Financial Gain On Unfiltrd

Unfiltrd has some of the most unique features for making creators money but with its distinctive features there can be a bit of a learning curve compared to the other platforms you might be used to. I often get a lot of questions from creators like 'why can't I seem to gain any subscribers' or 'I've been at it for a month now and I haven't made money, what am I doing wrong?' It's often something rather small or a change of perspective that can really click and start making you money. If you’re struggling to gain subscribers here are 3 common mistakes being made that can be delaying your financial gain on Unfiltrd.

A mistake I see time after time with new creators and creators who have been at it for a while is the lack of content on their feeds. Creators will message me for advice and say they've been on the site for six months and haven't made a penny. I'll go to their page to check out a few different aspects that they might have overlooked. 9 out of 10 times there’s not enough content on the feed. There's this common misconception that you have to have subscribers in order to post your content. However, when you've set up three different subscription levels, and there's only six photos on your timeline, you're not giving followers anything to subscribe to. When a fan subscribes, they want to open a treasure trove of content. I always recommend creators having at least a solid 20 posts on their wall before even starting to promote it. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is important to start getting subscribers and then keeping the engaged and coming back for more. Regularly providing fresh content helps build a loyal fan base, which will help you maximize your earnings.

Another common error I see amongst creators can be a double-edged sword, so to speak and that involves having high quality content. I’ve seen creators complain that they have content but when viewing the quality, it’s obvious they took it on a smashed camera phone that glares lights so you can’t see anything or something to that nature. The tools you use to make your content are just as important as the content created. Creat content that is visually appealing, engaging, and valuable to your fans. Quality content attracts more views, likes, and shares, increasing your chances of earning through Unfiltrd's monetization features. On the other hand, there are creators, often times such as myself, that get so caught up in perfecting content, that sometimes it hinders a consistent upload schedule because you become too caught up in your aesthetics. There are fine lines between overdoing it and underdoing it. You just need to figure out what your preferred look/edits can be for fast and efficient uploads. Also, you don’t want your feed to just look like a billboard of sales and advertising. You want it to feel personal to the creator you are.

It's one thing to post consistently, but do you engage regularly with your followers? I see a lot of creators who put on a charge to have followers message them and in instances where they’re having trouble gaining subscribers. My advice, don’t do that. You’re limiting what could be a sale through PPV or building rapport with someone who can become a subscriber/big spender. It’s pretty easy to tell after a few conversations with a follower if they’re looking to spend or if they’re just fishing for a freebie. Don’t waste your time on a follower giving you excuses to why they can’t spend. Building a strong connection with your followers can encourage them to support you through tips, attachments, or other forms of monetization on Unfiltrd. I find talking about common interest type topics to be a good way to see if the follower is open to other types of discussion rather than just spicy talk. Get them engaged with you for you and what they might have in common, and then go for the sale. Engagement is important in making that follower into a true, spending fan.

Remember, maximizing your earnings on Unfiltrd takes time and effort. Stay consistent, focus on creating quality content, and build genuine connections with your followers. Making changes to some of these oversights can really benefit you in growing a following that’s willing to spend. You got this. Go make some money!

xo Heather


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