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Account Management and Managing Expectations

Here at unfiltrd we offer options for account management for larger creators who maybe dont have the time to devote the necessary time to keep up with the day to day of their subscription platforms. Today we sat down with out very own account manager Cataleya Frost to discuss what goes into account management. We talked about every thing from what she needs from you to what you can expect when starting up a new creator account on a start up like Unfiltrd. Cat and I kind of go way back… like to when she joined unfiltrd in June so it was a blast talking to her about her role at unfiltrd and generally catching up. Let’s dive in!

Q: Okay, we’ve been friendly since you joined Unfiltrd, and we know we’re both crazy about the platform. What got you into managing other creators account?

A: Being so about unfiltrd and just being “Team Unfiltrd” all the way. I’m tech savvy and that really helped me pick up on unfiltrd. I got to talking with Steph about ideas for platform and my passion for Unfiltrd. She knew I wanted to help out and be a part of it however I could. So along with doing my own content and such, she offered me a recruiting type of deal. She later came to me with some account management opportunities. With the platform growing we have more higher end creators who need account management services. And even people who are working full time jobs who are too busy to manage on their own accounts and give them the attention they need to really grow and make money. I started with 2 clients, I now have like 11… Steph gave me that opportunity.

Q: What do you need from creators in order to properly manage thier accounts? And how do you get it?

A: Obviously I need the content. And not like one or two a day but multiple pieces, especially for a start up No ones subscribing to 1 or 2 pictures, so to really get you established and growing, I need a lot. Communication is really important when it comes to managing an account. I need to know what’s your style, what type of content do you do, what type you wont you do and what your expectations of offered services are. This helps me determine pricing and subscription tiers and the like as well as services to cover with your followers such as GFE and Sexting. I need promo content as well. This is for the Unfiltrd social media so I can coordinate with Steph and you (Sara) to cross post to social media and gain you more exposure through those channels. As far as actually getting the content I need, I get it from all kinds of sources depending on the client. We’ve used dropbox, WeTransfer, WhatsApp, instagram. It depends on the type of content and the creator.

Q: Whats the biggest challenge to managing accounts for other creators?

A: Communication. We need to be able to communicate effectively. The way I look at this is like “This is your baby and I’m the nanny.” I NEED communication! I NEED content. They can’t expect their page to grow if they’re not providing the content or helping to bring over their fans from their social media. I don’t manage their social media so they need to do at least that aspect of it. I cant be on 24/7 and the expectation that I am is a little unrealistic. I manage quite a few clients and I have a life outside of Unfiltrd. We (the client and I) can tag team managing the account if they want or they can take it back over. No hard feelings if thats what they want. But again, this comes down to communication.

Q: What do creators need to keep in mind when working with a manager such as yourself? A: My time limitations. Sometimes it would be nice to eat dinner or take a shower without having a client ask me to do something with super short notice. There are times where I am literally in the shower and working on something that a client has requested while I’m washing my hair. These creators have the same access to their page that I do, so if they need something done that minute they could do it if I don’t respond immediately. I think it is reasonable to expect a response within the hour, instead of within the minute. I do need to get better at setting boundaries but I’m working on it. Also, treat me with respect. I do manage a lot of accounts and I dont favor any of them, I treat them all the same. But it would help if some of these creators were a little nicer about some things, and understood there are going to be some limitations.

Q: What can a creator expect when joining a startup like unfiltrd, regardless of social media following?

A: I’m not a huge creator, I don’t have a large fan base like some creators. But I’m really well known where I live. I think from the people who were like “I’ve wanted to see this since high school” so I made a lot of money from that pretty quickly, but also stopped earning as much once that excitement died off. You really have to utilize your social media accounts. Go live., stories, reels, posts, etc to draw people in and make sure you’re letting your fan base get to know you so that they’re more likely to convert to subscribers. Also get to know other creators. Talk to them and be engaging with those creators. For the most part other creators are pretty helpful, will teach you a lot about the industry, and do lives and such with you. Those relationships can help you grow your audience and can also help them as well! Dont burn bridges with these creators either, those relationships can be mutually beneficial, but if you burn the wrong creator, it could sour a lot of others towards you and then you have a smaller pool to work with. Don’t expect to make a ton of money immediately. You’re gonna have good months and bad months. Holidays and tax season for example! Thats the reality of being a content a creator. There will be periods in the year that you’ll make more or less than the last. Don’t get discouraged over a bad week or a bad month, things change and subscribers will be back!!

Q: Anything you want to add that maybe I didn’t think to ask?

A: If we don’t click, do not feel obligated to keep me. I manage quite a few pages but if someone feels they could do better, that is okay. If it’s better for their page in the long run, there’s no hard feelings. We’re all here to make money and you wont hurt my feelings. It’s also okay for me to manage an account for a couple months to jump start it while teaching them the best practices of running a page like this and then they can take over. Account management doesn’t have to mean “forever”. Sometimes it helps to have someone show you the ropes, post content and jumpstart the whole thing while you get to know the site or the industry.

So there you have it! From her lips to your eyes.

If you are a content creator and would like to do an interview with me about Unfiltrd, Sex Work, using social media or anything related to the industry, please email me at For more information about account management you can contact Cat on Unfiltrd HERE

See you tomorrow! Sara Lyn Chacon Unfiltrd Staff

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