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Beware Management Agencies

This is a blog Steph and I have been talking about for a while. It’s important information to get out to our content creators but it has to be done correctly. So it’s taken a little while to sit down and actually write it. Unfiltrd offers its own Account Management services, this is true. But our account managers here are trusted content creators who have shown their worth and knowledge of the industry and work mainly with our larger creators in a time management sense. We’re not talking about those kind of managers today. Instead we’re going to cover the agencies that crop up in this business.

What are Management Agencies

A management agency is a company that will often times reach out to you via your social media or fan subscription platforms and offer to manage said platforms for you for a cut of your earnings. They usually ask for 50% or more and often have you sign a contract with them. These companies are often predatory in nature and target online sex workers as we often have no legal recourse if the arrangement goes tits up.

The Pitch

The management agencies will often times approach young, hot, popular creators just getting into the industry. Naivety is thier bread and butter. They come at content creators with a promise of more money for less work, even offering to manage social media platforms along with their fan subscriptions, texting services, content ideas and more. With all of the work that goes into being an adult content creator, this can seem like a godsend to have some of the work load taken off your plate.

The Con(tract)

When considering working with a management company you need to be sure you thoroughly read the contract. Twice, and then have another content creator you’re friendly with look at it too. Most of the time these contracts will bind the content creator to the management company, disallow them from branching out to other fan subscription platforms and give full and total control of all platforms to the manager, as well as copyrights to the creators work. Sure, they’ll set you up with an instagram account that already has a well established following, but they’ll have the ability to lock you out of it and give it to the next creator if you even slightly break your contract. Oh and let’s not forget these accounts are often hacked and stolen from other content creators. The contract will also force the content creator to change the banking information on all of their accounts to the managers bank account, who will then pay you your cut… maybe. So read your contracts and look for red flags that may alert you to the contract being more of a scam than anything

Red Flags

What kind of red flags do we need to be looking for? First and foremost should be any kind of spelling and grammar mistakes. If the contract is rife spelling and grammar mistakes, run away, very fast. What kind of control are they asking for? Do they want passwords to not only your accounts but the emails associated with those accounts? Run! Do they want 50% or more of your income? And payment information set to thier bank accounts? No thanks? Does the contract allow you to branch out to other fan subscription platforms, and not have them manage those accounts as well? What happens if you do decide to branch out and breach your contract? Do they take full control of everything and leave you in the cold? What about copyrights to your content? If the contract is forcing you to work with them for the rest of your career as a content creator, block the company on any and all platforms and cut off all communication.

If You Really Need Help

If you’re really needing help managing your page, especially with sexting or generally responding to messages, hire an assistant that is already a sex worker or is recommended by other sex workers. These assistants usually take a small percentage- think 10-15%- of earnings from the work they do. Our account managers rely on you sending them whatever content you want to offer your fans and they just post or schedule it, while also managing your messaging and other services that don’t require you to be on a call or video call with your fans. These types of assistants will only have access to your account so long as you have not changed the password to the account. Once the password is changed, they’re done.

Never Ever

Never give your passwords to anyone until a reasonable contract is in place. And by reasonable we mean as an assistant as described above. They assist in managing your account. Never give away log in information for any email address associated with any of your accounts and always have two factor authentication turned on in order to prevent hacking attempts.

This is really just the broad strokes of predatory account management agencies. We could probably do a whole series on this subject but for now, we want to arm you with the basics of these predators and their tactics. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email at

Stay Safe, Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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