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Common Scams and How to Spot Them

Scams are everywhere today it seems. From multi level marketing to just plain theft of services. Today we’re gonna cover some of the most popular and common scams that we see in our industry.

Fake Tips

Some fan subscription platforms, like onlyfans will send a message in your DMs that that subscriber has sent you a tip. One fan tried to scam a creator into free content by duplicating this message and sending it to a creator in hopes of getting free content. In my opinion, she handled the situation perfectly by messing with him back, and then blocking him from her content. Make sure to check your earnings statements before sending anything out after receiving a tip.

Digital Checks

There are some subs who will try to purchase content off platform and will offer to pay by digital check. You see this more often with people reaching out to you via DM on social media platforms such as twitter or even reddit. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to just go with paypal or cash app if this is happening to you off platform. Checks are easily cancelled whereas other forms of payment are not. Some even try to claim they can not pay through fan subscription platforms at all, even though they’ve been proven to be safe and secure. *We are not encouraging you to take payments off your fan subscription platforms as all of them, including Unfiltrd has strict policies regarding off platform payments. But we cant stop you from doing what you want on your social media accounts.

Payment on Delivery

This is more common with custom content requests. It’s universal to take payment at the time the custom content is requested and not when it’s completed. This avoids you wasting time on content the requester never intended to pay for.

Writing Someone Else’s Name or Username for an Image or Video

This is less common today than it was a few years ago but the gist of it is a fan ask you to write their name or user name on a piece of paper or a part of your body and sent it to them Don’t ever do this as this is a way for others to try to verify stolen information with your likeness. You put yourself and your accounts at risk.

Free Content for Sub

This one is always worth a laugh. And you see it more with free to follow sites. A member will message a creator asking for free content and if they like it they will subscribe. They never subscribe. And never will. Send them a PPV that they have to pay for to unlock but never send free content for the promise of future payment.

What are some of the scams you have encountered as a content creator? Shoot us an email at to have your scams featured in a future issue of the blog. Be aware but make lots of money! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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