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Creator Work Shop Recap; Tips for Newbies

In yesterdays blog we covered the promotional tips offered by Steph in Wednesday creator workshop. On Wednesday we had also heard from Catalyea and her tips for people starting out as content creators. We figured we would break this out into its own blog as its some really great information!

Cataleyas Tips:

  1. Turn off paid messaging if you’re just starting out. Opening up your messages will give your new followers an opportunity to talk with you and get to know you. As we discussed in the creator workshop, building that engagement with each individual fan will do a lot for you in the long run in terms of income. Someone who feels like you took the time to interact with them will stick around for longer out of a sense of loyalty.

  2. Utilizes your video calling feature and be “On-call”. Video calling on Unfiltrd can be a large money maker for you as it allows your fans to face time you on the platform and feel like they’re getting that one on one attention they are seeking. Make sure you let your customers know that you are available for calls when they are ready. Cat recommends being “On-call”, meaning you’re ready to take a call from your fans at a moments notice. This will also help you build that brand loyalty with your fans. Post a few times a week that you are available for calls to keep your audience informed and entice them into calling you. *Always have the fan call you! If you call them they are getting that time free of charge.*

  3. Have fun, but dont forget to treat it like a job! A lot of new creators come into this wanting to put in minimal effort for maximum payoff. But in reality you do have to treat this like it is a job… Because it is. You need to make sure you’re posting, promoting and interacting every single day with your fans. Something you can do to help you manage your time is to set aside one or two days a week to film all of your content for that week, including social media promotions. Once you have your content filmed and edited, upload it to unfiltrd using the scheduling feature. You can also use tools like metricool to help you schedule your social media postings. This will free up more time for you to interact with your fans and do more of what you actually want to do.

  4. Don’t undervalue your content and time. A big mistake a lot of new creators make is either under valuing or over valuing their content. You have to make sure you’re being fairly compensated for your time and effort, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the market. Take a look at similar content creators, and similar quality and try to reflect those prices in your own fees. Remember that kink/fetish content and custom content is specialty so you can charge more for those services. Don’t give away all of your content for $5 a month, but also understand that if you are charging $100 a month, the content and services you provide need to be worth that.

  5. Read the blog! This is not just shameless self promotion… Cataleya reads the blog just about every day and recommends you do the same. We cover everything from promotional strategies to security tips to holidays to make content around and how to advertise that to the goings on in the SW industry. Point being, the blog is basically a guide to being an online content creator, and it can be especially helpful if you’re just starting out, coming back after a break, or needing fresh ideas for content and promo tactics.

  6. Use your Recruiting link for passive income, If you recruit the right type of content creators, you could wake up with $200 worth of referral bonuses some morning just because someone purchased a butt ton of content from someone you referred.

  7. Don’t give up because it’s a slow month! This industry has its highs and lows like any other. The ones we see most consistently are always the holidays and the end of summer for the lows and tax season/hallowen for the highs with the rest of the year being pretty steady. Set some of your earnings from high months aside to get through the low months, but dont get discouraged. Things always pick back up.

So those are Cats tips for newbies with some of mine thrown in as well. If you have questions for Cat you can send her a message on Unfiltrd or you can email me at And dont forget to subscribe to our blog to have it delivered to your inbox every day! See you tomorrow 😘 Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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