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Unfiltrd has an events feature on site that allows you to charge for entry into your lives. Today we’re going to cover how to schedule an event, start an event and what kind of things you can do with these.

Scheduling an Event

To schedule an event you can go a couple of different ways. First is by selecting the plus sign on your screen and choosing “create event” or by going to More> Events> Create event. Either way you go, you will get to the same page where you can schedule the event, let your fans know what the event is for, and set your entry price You can find the full walkthrough of how to set up a paid ticketed event HERE or by going to our knowledge base and support center To start your event, you will need to navigate to More> Events> Start event at the time the event is set to take place.

What Can You Do With Events?

Did you see our blog last week on games? This blog was full of ideas of games to play with your subs in order to earn more income and engage on a different level with your fans. Now you can refer back to this blog for ideas for events. You could play truth or dare, AMA (Ask Me Anything), Trivia nights. heck you could get real creative and play card games like poker, uno or Cards Against Humanity. Some content creators like to use these for more intimate occasions such as taking a bath with their fans or taking a shower. Some will do it like a cam show where you pay to enter and get to watch a live show. I myself have scheduled cooking classes through my events.

Promote It

Whatever you decide to do with your events, dont forget to promote it! You want to make sure you’re promoting it daily on your social media so that current and new fans know that there will be an event taking place. You should also be promoting it on you unfiltrd page so that your current subscribers and followers on platform have the opportunity to purchase entry to your event. We covered a lot of how to promote events and auctions in our last creator workshop. And I’m sure we’ll touch base on it again with tomorrows workshop. (Dont forget to check your messages from Stepanka Admin on Unfiltrd to get your sign up link!)


Want us to cover more features of Unfiltrd and how to utilize them? let us know by sending us an email or commenting on this post! And I hope to see you all tomorrow for the Creator workshop!

💜💜💜 Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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