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If you missed EXXXOTICA weekend in New Jersey, here is the exclusive recap with the Unfiltrd Honeys who were invited to attend! If you don’t know what EXXXOTICA is, it’s the “Unconventional Convention and the largest adult event in the nation dedicated to love and sex,” as stated on their website.

Stephanie, our CEO, hosted Honeys assisted by me in New Jersey from all over to enjoy a weekend at a lavish Airbnb with amenities that included a movie theater in the basement, rooftop jacuzzi, complete with a view of the NYC skyline overlooking the Hudson River. We wanted to ensure their comfort for the long convention weekend. We know as creators we have the comfort of our phones and computers to separate us from our fans in uncomfortable instances and we wanted to make sure they could unwind with ease after long hours at a tremendously busy, overly energetic convention. We also wanted a space to kickback and collab which turned out to be an enormous success for all!

Our time at the convention allowed us to connect with both existing and new fans, showcasing Unfiltrd to a diverse audience that included new fans, creators, photographers, videographers, subscription platform owners, dancers, and many more. It's safe to say Unfiltrd was a resounding success!

Sara Lyn, our Head of Creator Success & Support AND Creator, was flown in from Quito, Ecuador for the weekend and it was the first time she was able to meet some of her coworkers face-to-face. When asked how she could sum up her whole weekend in just a few sentences she said, “The weekend was a whirlwind of people. Fans and industry people alike. I had such a blast!” Despite the enjoyment of the convention, there were still important tasks to be completed. Sara said she learned a lot working in the convention setting. “I always knew networking was important but I learned this weekend how important it is to network at events like this. I was able to connect with a ton of industry people. Everyone from porn directors, site CEOs and people who help with DMCA/content leak services. Some of these connections just can’t be made online,” she explained. And network her literal ass off she did!

Sian Hamshaw, a long time Honey/Model and Big Brother UK alum, was flown in from Manchester, England for the convention and it was her first time as an adult visiting the USA, so we made sure there was time for dinner and for Time Square in NYC. Sian’s been a content creator since 2019 and since applying has been the most model ambassador proudly repping the Unfiltrd brand. She explained, “It’s really eye opening to see there is so much variety in what we all do as creators. I joined the Unfiltrd Honeys because of its amazing community and support! The financial perks, such as lower platform fees and events like this are great too!” Sian was a complete natural at bringing people into the booth and explaining the benefits of Unfiltrd for creators and fans and fans alike.

Shimmeryelegance traveled in from Central Pennsylvania to join the team on our big weekend. This Honey has been to many of our events including our Hustler takeover of New York City and Las Vegas! She referred to her time with the Unfiltrd Crew as “top-level fun!” - and we can absolutely agree! “My favorite things about EXXXOTICA was getting to network with creators and introduce them to a new ways to monetize their content on a fan based subscription platform created by sex workers for sex workers! Meeting fans and taking pictures, signing autographs and the absolute blast of being surrounded by genuine people that WANT you to succeed. I even got to be interviewed for a podcast!” Shimmery even had a fan arrive to the convention center long before we did as we had a photo shoot, and proceeded to wait patiently for her and her time. When reflecting on her first time at this event she said, “This was my first EXXXOTICA convention and definitely will not be missed again! I recommend everyone to go! I had the ability to branch out and learn from others in the community about ways to produce and refine my content. I made connections that will help open my style up to untapped markets.” A total and absolute natural networker if you ask us!

Unfiltrd Honey, Mslynlicious, flew in from the Midwest to join her mother, Shimmeryelegance, and the rest of the crew. Her and her mother both play in the fetish world of pantyhose. “My favorite thing about EXXXOTICA was getting to really immerse myself in the fetish world and learn more about it looking around every corner,” Mslynlicious said. “I think the most notable part for me was, we got to introduce a very lucky fan to pantyhose they were not familiar with the fetish, so I got to talk to them a little bit about it and what you can find on my page involving it. By the end of the conversation my mom and I ended up getting a foot rub and it was such a nice reset after being on my feet in heels all day.” Girl gets a new fan and a foot rub?! Job well done!

We blended some spicy Honey content creators together for an incredible weekend of Unfiltrd fun and we could not be more proud of the success. Our Honey's have all embodied the true meaning of being an ambassador for Unfiltrd. Each one of them was able to take a piece of what they do online and translate it into a convention setting with an abundance of grace and patience. You may be wondering how to become an Unfiltrd Honey and get invited to events. We look for individuals who actively support the community online and have strong promotional skills. These qualities are essential for expanding your follower base, and each of the Honey's we invited was able to translate their online expertise into a successful EXXXOTICA weekend.

Think you have what it takes to be an Unfiltrd Honey?

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