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Features that Make you money

Unfiltrd is the very first platform of it’s kind, we developed it as the easiest, most seamless way for creatiors to be able to monetize their talents. We wanted to develop a unique experience that has a ton of new and interactive ways to engage with your fans. We implemented them all into one platform that is simple to use and friendly to all. In todays post we outline our monetization features and explain how you can use them!

Free and Paid pages all in one

Unfiltrd allows you to harness the power of a free fan page and paid subscription website ALL in one space. One of the greatest benefits of having an Unfiltrd page is that people can follow you for free, and will only see content you have made available to them. Upload anything to your free side including teasers, SFW content, promo’s, freebies, and more in order to excite and entice your followers. When uploading to your free followers, make sure you are following community Guidelines for nudity and other restrictions. Building a large following of free users is an excellent way to promote your paid content, and best of all, it is all under one roof! At any point, free followers can choose to subscribe or to unlock a certain piece of content that they’d like.

Paid Messages

Sending out paid messages is more efficient and customizable on Unfiltrd. You can set a price for incoming and outgoing messages (both text messages and messages including media content). This is one of the most useful tools for earnings and can be a great addition to your subscription costs. If a user wishes to send you a message, photo, or video, you have the option of them needing to pay in order to do so.

With unfiltrd you can use your DMs to send locked content to your followers and subscribers. Paid messages usually consist of either videos, photosets or both. You can upload new content from your device or select content from you Vault.


On Unfiltrd you are able to go Live with your fans a couple of different ways: You, of course, have the option of going live for free to connect with your fans or, you can create an event that’s for a set date and time, and charge an admission price for access to your Live Stream. For Events we recommend having a theme or purpose behind the stream, or if you’re planning anything spicy for a live. For free live streams, make sure to be following our Community Guidelines for nudity We’ll cover more information for events and planning in a later issue.

Unlockable content

Unlockables on the main feed are a great monetization tool to regularly use! Whenever you post you are able to make the content free, set it to only display for a set subscription level- or levels above that- or a one time purchase. Make sure to set a preview image to all uploads so that users get a little teaser of what they can expect to purchase. You can also set items to both Subscription OR One time purchase. This is a great way to encourage users to purchase content when they are not quite ready to commit to a full subscription. 35% of site revenue comes from these one time unlockables, so its a great way to make income even when you’re not gaining full subscribers.

Did someone say referral program?

Referrals can often be overlooked as a stream of revenue, so make sure not to forget this great option! Your referral link is under the MORE tab. Just click “Referral Program” in order to access your special link. When you invite another creator using your link, you will earn 5% commission on their earnings for LIFE. Additionally you have a referral link for members as well! When members sign up using this link you will earn 1% of anything they spend on the site, regardless of who they spend on, for the first six months they are members of Unfiltrd.

Our goal is to find the best and easiest ways for you to monetize your content, and to also be able to do it safely under the umbrella of one platform! We also value the opinions and ideas of you, the creators who make this website what it is, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us at or send a message to support or Stepanka Admin

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