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Features that make you Money, part 2

in yesterdays blog we covered some of our features for monetizing content and our referral program. Today we’ll cover more of those features and ways to use them.


When we were building Unfiltrd we looked at all the ways fans were asking to connect with thier favorite creators Phone calls was one of the top requested forms of connecting! Unfiltrd offers that but with the added protection of being done through our platform. No more having to go to telegram, WhatsApp, et all and having your data potential leaked. With on platform calling every thing is done in one place and with user safety and security in mind.

To enable calls go to More> Account Settings> Pricing: From here you have a toggle to enable or disable phone calls. When enabled you will have a drop down price list for amount per minute of calling. Set your price, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit save.

Once you’ve enabled calls, make sure to use your socials as well as Unfiltrd to let your fans know that you’re taking calls.


We’ve hyped up our auctions so much. And for good reason; we’re the only fan platform that offers them!

Auctions are an exciting way to sell your content as it allows you to create hype around the exclusivity of products, items or rare digital content.

Creators have reported huge success on auctions for everything from Personalized Coaching Courses, Virtual dates and Rare Items that there have been high demand from their fans for. The limit to what can be auctioned is your imagination (and our community guidelines 🫣)

You can Check out the hyper link to learn how to set up your auctions, rules around them and items that can and can not be auctioned off.

Peer to Peer Bitcoin Payments

Okay so we’re not the only ones to do this, but we were one of the first and we’re pretty proud of that!

Peer to peer or P2P bitcoin payments allows for fans to unlock content with bitcoin. You will need to have your bitcoin wallet linked to your unfiltrd account for users to see the option to unlock with bitcoin.

P2P is almost instantaneous; taking as little as a few minutes or in some cases a few hours. This removes the necessity of waiting the 7 calendar days for your cash payments to be released from hold before you can request a payout. Content for the fan does to unlock until the system is able to confirm that your wallet received the payment.

To learn more about P2P payments with bitcoin, and how to link your wallet, please click the link above.


Shorties are short 30 second videos that you can upload to unfiltrd as free content to get the attention of your fans and other members of the platform. Think of shorties as super spicy TikTok’s or reels that you know those other platforms would blush at and ban you for if they saw them 😝 You can post topless shorties to really grab your fans and followers attention. (As always see community guidelines for nudity restrictions) Shorties will always be for the free to follow portion of your page, they will appear in the main feed on Unfiltrd and can be accessed from the Shorties tab on the left hand side of the screen.

If you’ve read part one, you’re now all caught up on the features we currently offer for monetization. We’re always adding new features and accepting feed back on the ones we have. If you have any questions about features or feedback please feel free to reach out to Support or send us an email at

Our next installment will cover finding your niche and audience. See you then! Unfiltrd Staff.

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