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February Tips from Stepanka

February is a BIG earnings month and you must make members pay for your time because you are WORTH IT. This is the time to turn OFF any BIG sales and boost the prices of your content ❤️🔥. Here are some tips for you to make the big money in February!

1. Advertise your video call services on Unfiltrd. Post on your feed every now and then, or send out a cute photo/video message letting people know they can set a time this week to do video or voice calls with you! It’s the best way to get to spend intimate 1-on-1 time with you and the BEST way for you to make a lot of money quickly. 5-10 dollars per minute adds up fast! Make sure to also promote it on your social media as this feature is exclusive to this platform.

2. Make sure to go to your inbox and on the top right filter your members’ messages by “amount spent”. See who are the highest spenders and who is NOT subscribed still and message those people each one by one. In your messages to them, see how they are doing, message them something sweet using their name, or something specific in the conversation about them – and get them to subscribe or purchase some content (in a very personal & sweet way).

3. Do not undersell yourself! Your content is worth more – so start making people pay a premium. And if you do offer free trials or something for free, make sure that people pay for something AFTERWARDS. That they upgrade AFTER the freebie or the free trial.

4. Message your “unsubscribe list” and tell them you miss them and offer them a free item if they subscribe again.

5. Promote a free custom with your highest level tier ($50)!

6. When posting content on your feed for unlock, make sure to use the best covers possible and to post the BEST description possible to really paint the most sexy image of the content. Give members FOMO. Add in a free item into the bundle of content to make it extra appealing.

7. And lastly, don’t forget to have your Unfiltrd linked in your social media, and to promote 2-3x a week! I hope you have an amazing month on Unfiltrd & we will have some amazing news to share with you shortly so stay tuned.

If you ever have any questions for me, related to marketing, feel free to reach out. For any support related help please go to the more menu and go to “help & contact”.

Talk soon! xoxo Stepanka

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