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Five Skills You Need to be a Successful Content Creator

A lot of new creators get into this business thinking it’s a quick way to make money. And while there is good money in online adult content, there’s a few skills you need to be truly successful. Today we’re gonna cover the top five skills you’ll need as a content creator, adult or otherwise. Most of these skills will require some sort of upkeep, as far as education goes, as trends are always changing and we need to stay up to date on those trends to stay relevant.

Photography and Editing

First and foremost you have to have good, high quality images. And you need to know how to edit them to improve their appearance, but not over edited so as to make them appear fake. You can take some really great photos with modern cell phones, especially anything in the iPhone and Samsung families. Youtube is a great resource for learning not only about editing techniques but how to take high quality, beautiful photos with any device as well.


This is hands down the most important skill you can have and hone for this industry. Without marketing, no one will ever find your content, if they cant find your content easily, they’re not going to subscribe and you’ll make no money. If you don’t have a marketing degree, don’t panic. You can utilize services like Skillshare to learn about marketing, and using various social media algorithms to your advantage. This is a skillset that will need to be kept up with. Marketing trends are forever changing. So you’ll need to be adaptable and continue your education with marketing. Take a refresher course at least once a year to stay up to date.

Creative Writing

Creative writing skills are going to serve you in everything from writing captions for social media, to interacting with your fans on your platforms. You need to be able to tell, and sell, a story in a way that is going to be engaging for your fans. If you want to brush up on writing skills Coursera offers some great writing courses from accredited colleges for reasonable prices, and some courses even offer certifications to add to your resume in case you ever decide to rejoin the traditional work force.

Hair and Makeup

You need to have a basic understanding of how to do your hair and make up. Paying to have your hair styled and your make up done professionally can add up quickly, and not every one has access to those types of services. Learning how to properly match your foundation to your skin tone, contour and highlight for your face shape as well as applying eyeliner in a way that makes your eyes pop is not necessarily the easiest thing to learn, but there are so many makeup influencers on instagram and tictok these days, a few tutorials from one with a similar face shape as you should set you on you way. As an added bonus, a lot of these influencers also do hair tutorials. With basic tools such as a flat iron or a curling iron, you can recreate a lot of those great looks.


Networking is going to help you get your content out into the verse, so to speak. Networking with creators in your niche, offering SFS and the like will put your face in their stories and theirs in yours. These SFS are mutually beneficial to both creators as they are able to work off each others audience, reaching fans that may have otherwise not known about them. Its also helpful to network and be friendly with other content creators who may have a little more tenure in the industry as they can be a great resource for information on best platforms to work with, scams to watch out for, and tips for making more money.

So there you have it. Work on honing these five skills and applying them to your content and you’ll be making more money in no time!

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