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FREE August Spicy Creator's Workshop: ICYMI

CYMI: August 2023 Creator Workshop Recap

Good morning! This ICYMI Recap is a little late due to some of the work that was being performed on our blog this past week! But for those of you that missed the 8/16 creator workshop we gotchu!

First off We revamped the Honey program! Unfiltrd Honeys not only get lower platform fees and higher referral bonuses, but they’re also featured on our social media accounts regularly and are given tiktok accounts with 1000 followers and inspiration every week on what trends to follow. We’re also working on implementing Reddit for Honeys and Porn Hub advertisements> Both Porn Hub and Reddit are great sources of traffic with PH having more than 4billion users world wide. We’re working with a team with expertise in social media promotion to make the most of all of the platforms available to us.

Unfiltrd Content Tips

Our Checklist to Success: Gaining and Retaining Subscribers.

  1. Is your profile complete with at least 20 posts on your feed for the subscription tiers you offer?

  2. Are your subscription levels well detailed and offering enough incentives to your subscribers who chose that level? Make sure details include things like Daily postings, unlock whole feed- for your max tier, a free custom a month of half price customs. The options for tiers are endless so make sure you’re giving enough value with your tiers. Especially the most expensive ones.

  3. Is the content on your feed set to both subscription tier and one time purchase? Some members may not want to commit to a subscription but will have no issues with unlocking content. Dont miss out on a sale by making the content only available to subscribers.

  4. Is your Unfitlrd referral link in your social media profiles? Promoting all day everyday wont do any good if they cant find your Unfiltrd Page. Use the Referral program link to make a little extra money from those members signing up with your link when they spend money anywhere on the site. When adding your link to your link tree, try to be flirty and fun with your link description.

  5. Are your captions JUICY and do they show some of your personality? Your captions should entice members to subscribe or unlock without giving the content away. You want to catch their interest just enough for them to want to purchase the content. Include some verbiage that would give them Fear of Missing Out: descriptions that include “Only VIPs get access to this video 🤫” This will create that FOMO.

  6. Are your messages Free? This is especially helpful if you’re new and trying to build a following. Use your free messages to get to know people, become a part of their routine. Get to know them, their names, interests, simply stuff that lets them know you’re a real person who wants to build some type of relationship with them. This will take you a long way in converting and keeping subscribers.


  1. Consistency matters! We know we beat this like a dead horse but consistency will do more for you than perfect content. Upload at least one photos or video a day per subscription level. Use the scheduling tool to save time. And dont give yourself so many tiers that you can keep up with the postings.

  2. Send conversation starters. You should do this in such a way that makes members wonder if its a mass or if you sent it to just them.

  3. Recycle old content. If you’ve got something you posted 6 months ago, repost it or send it out as a mass DM. You can keep making money off that older content.

  4. Do not undercharge for content. Its harder to build income with low prices. Aim for longer, higher quality content that you can easily charge $15 or more for. Charge a minimum of $50-$100 for customs. Most creators have a per minute baseline for customs. Implement this strategy to make more on your custom content.

  5. Use the voice notes feature frequently! The voice note allows you to further build your relationships with your subscribers. These can also be set to unlock.

  6. DONT overthink your content. Dont let the need for perfection stop you from uploading that video that could get you that bag.

Where to Promote Tiktok

  1. Its so easy to go viral on tiktok. The key to this is creating great content within you niche

  2. Post 2-3 times a day on tiktok to increase your reach and chances of going viral

  3. Make sure your content is SFW or risk getting your account banned. Tiktok is very strict about this.


  1. Reuse tiktoks for instagram. Make sure you’re using the Savetik app to remove the tiktok watermark from the video. Instagram sees these and will not push it as much if the algorithm detects the tiktok watermark

  2. High quality content is always preferred on instagram

  3. Keywords and hashtags are needed to help get picked up by the algorithm on instagram. Make sure you’re using hashtags relevant to your niche. But also make sure you’re not using banned hashtags.

  4. Dont post too many stories. For whatever reason instagram hates you having more than 20 story slides.

  5. Be coy in the way you promote to avoid any “solicitation” flags


  1. Create a reddit page with your unfiltrd profile name

  2. Post 2-3 times a day in different subreddits that match your niche. Before posting make sure you read the rules of the subreddit to avoid posting anything against the rules and risk being banned.

  3. Make sure to think outside of the box when it comes to reddit. Some of the most unobvious subreddits can be the most successful in terms of advertising

X- Formerly known as Twitter.

  1. Set your profile to be 18+ so you reach the right audience

  2. Be active as possible here. The average tweet has a 17 minute life span. You should be posting at least 5-6 times a day to stay relevant on this platform.

  3. Though X is a NSFW friendly platform where you can post literal porn, we dont recommend doing this. Why give content away when you can bring them over to paid sites..

Retaining Subscribers.

  1. Learn names and details about your subscribers. Try to be personable. Not everything has to be about the sale.

  2. Use voice notes more often than not.

  3. Check who has recently unsubscribed and reach out to them.

  4. Have a sale on your page at least once a month

  5. Promote on instagram story at least once per day

  6. Check to see who your highest spenders are by filter messages by amount spent. Use this to determine who hasn’t spent or messaged in a while and see what you can offer them

  7. If messages feel dead and empty, turn off your message paywall.

  8. Use captions on your feed to let people know that only specific tiers get access to some content. And that if they do subscribe they unlock a ton of content. Make it juicy and make sure you try to give them FOMO

  9. Make a quick 1 minute video talking personally to a member, telling them you have something really nice for them if they subscribe.

Have a wonderful week! Those were our tips for success from our creator workshop. Make sure to utilize these and then let us know how it works out for you!

Sara Lyn

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