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Go Read a Book

I dont mean this literally…. Please dont go kneel at someones feet and beg to learn from them… Unless you’re into that kind of thing 😅

What I Do on Hard Day

Look, I really love cooking. And I really love writing. My love of writing I what bagged me this gig as the Unfiltrd blog writer in the first place. But sometimes… man it gets hard. I dont know what to write, I dont want to write. I dont want to cook. But I gotta eat and the blog needs to be written. So what do I do? I stick in my AirPods, go to my audible app and turn on my favorite book(s). Not just any old book will do. It has to be some thing that combines my two favorite things so I can get my spirit back. It get bonus points for being narrated by my personal hero. I listen to Kitchen Confidential, or Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain is my hero. This imperfect and flawed human spent the later years of his life bringing awareness to the more desolate parts of the world, the wartorn, the famished. He ate everything and he’s one hell of a writer!

When you’re just not feeling it…

Find something that inspires you. Read (or listen, as the case may be) a book that will reignite your passion. Listen to a podcast that isn’t about crime 😜 Do something that will be relaxing for you but will also give you that new life to do the things you need to do. I like Bourdain because not only does it inspire me to mix up my recipes and try something new, but the way the man describes Vietnamese Pho from Hanoi sounds so fucking erotic and sexy. If you cant apply that kind of writing to what you yourself have to write on a daily basis… get out.

Thats all I’ve got for you today… But I’ll see you tonight at the workshop! xoxo Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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