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Happy New Year!

Good afternoon Unfiltrd family! What a year 2022 has been for all of us. I’m sure you can agree the year had its ups and downs and its good and bad moments. But Unfiltrd as a platform, and a community, has grown in ways that we could not be more pleased with.

In 2022 we introduced Auctions, making us the very first adult subscription platform to offer such a unique feature, peer to peer bitcoin payments, we introduced our knowledge base and then made it better! Heck we even introduced this blog to help all of our creators grow.

We have plenty of new things in store for 2023, more promo tips, creator interviews and stories about our industry. For now though, we’re going to wish you a very happy last day of 2022. Stay safe, have a great night, and We’ll see you in 2023 with more to help you learn and grow in this industry.

SaraChacon, Unfiltrd Staff.

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