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Holiday Burnout: Tips for surviving the holidays as a content creator

With thanksgiving behind us, the holidays are quickly on thier way and for most people the holidays are already overwhelming for people who are not adult content creators. Today's blog is going to go over some tips and tricks for managing burnout during the holiday season while still getting that bag.


As content creators were in a constant state of doing; Checking our analytics, managing socials, interacting with fans, creating content for socials and paid sites. And on top of that we have lives to live which tend to become very busy this time of year. To reduce the stress around your business, prioritize what you need to do in a day. Your analytics can wait but maybe that new content for your advent calendar needs to be filmed and edited today. Pick the top three things that need to be done that day and do them. Do the next top three things the next day, so on and so forth.

Set a schedule for yourself.

Back in the spring of this year I was taking a writing course, surprisingly the professor teaching the course gave some really great advice on setting up your day for success. He called it the Animal Farm method; All hours are equal, but some hours are more equal than others. The way he broke this down was that some hours of our day, though all are 60 minutes in length, will be more productive than others. For me, the time I have my coffee in the morning is when I get the "office" work done. This is when I approve content, manage tickets and check out my analytics for my socials and paid sites. I'll also answer any DMs I got over the night. These are my most productive hours for office work but my least productive if I need to do like a photoshoot or content. Dont be sticking a camera in my face before I've had at least 2 cups of coffee 😅 Anyone who knows me knows I live for my afternoon nap. So I dont typically schedule any work for myself in the afternoon as I would get the least amount of work done. After Naps I shoot content a few times a week for my socials and sites. Use the Animal Farm method to set your day up to be the most successful. Analyze your habits and productivity and build your day around that. Having a schedule will streamline your day and minimize burnout.

Use scheduling tools to reduce your workload

I preach on scheduling tools. With as much work as I have to do in a day, taking one hour on Tuesday morning to schedule my whole week for my fan platforms saves me a ton of time. Even if you post organically on social media, the built in scheduling tools for both your feed and even mass dms will save you a ton of time. This is especially helpful if you know you have like 5 family events to go to in a week and you wont have the brain capacity to remember to post (this is me... I'm easily overwhelmed when I have to people) knowing that everything is set to a schedule and your fans wont be disappointed at a lack of content.

Bulk produce

I'm a huge fan of bulk producing content. Do a very simple makeup look that can go with any outfit, change up your lipstick to match the outfit (I use a balm under my lip color for easy removal that wont mess up my foundation) and fire away. I find when I do this I can do 4 photo sets and 2 five to ten minute videos in under two hours with bulk recording. This also helps with scheduling out content and having SFW teasers for social media.


No, seriously. Take a day off, especially if you're feeling burnt out. Take a day for self care and just not giving a crap about whats going on with your socials and sites. Your fans will still be there tomorrow, you can always make more money. One day isn't going to make or break you. However working yourself into such a state of burnout that looking at your computer screen, that will break you. It's better to take a day off here and there for your mental health than it is to try and stay on top of everything and burning yourself out. That burn out comes across in your content and communications and will ultimately effect your success more than that day binging Christmas movies over will. Even I take a day off from everything every couple of weeks.

Just Say No

There will be times where you will need to say no to someone. be it a custom video that requires a lot of details and specifications, a sexting session or a live. Sometimes, especially this time of year, you need to just say no. We all have a lot going on this time of year and trying to squeeze in another custom or another live when you just got back from 3 different family holiday parties and banged out 5 customs already this week. Say no and take the time for yourself to recover. You can of course do this nicely and just say that your books are closed until after the holidays.

These are just a few things I do to help me manage holiday burnout and honestly burn out in general. What are some things you do to keep your mental health in check during this busy time of year?

Happy Holidays,

K love you byeeeee

Sara Lyn


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