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House keeping: Check Your Settings

Todays blog is a gentle reminder to check up on your privacy settings for your social media accounts. A lot of us create separate social media accounts for promoting our fan platforms. These are not associated with our personal accounts that we may have family friends and co-workers on. So today let’s cover how to check your settings and make sure they’re still where you set them to.


Tiktok is the worst offender when it comes to trying to connect with the contacts in your phone. It will ask me at least once a week, if not more, if I want to sync my contacts. This is a firm and resounding NO from me as I really don’t need most people knowing about what I do for a living.

To check your privacy settings in tiktok go to your profile> click the three lines in the upper right>Settings and privacy> Privacy: here you’ll want to check the Suggest Your Account to Others setting and Sync Contacts and Facebook Friends. For the Suggest your account to others you’ll want to make sure Contacts, Facebook friends, and people who open or send links to you are all toggled off. People with mutual connections and people interested in accounts like yours can be toggled on. Sync Facebook friends and sync contacts should both be toggled off. If it has ever synced, there are options under both contacts and Facebook friends to remove previously synced contacts.


Instagram will sometimes try to sync your contacts, but they’re not nearly as insistent about it as tiktok is. You can double check these settings by opening instagram> Navigate to your profile> three lines in upper right> select settings> Select Account> Contact Syncing and make sure this is also toggled off.

Want to learn more about how to keep your information and privacy safe online? Check out our other blogs on passwords, security and more. If you have questions feel free to email me at

See you tomorrow! We’ll be talking to Jess C’s Mom about her and her husbands dream to bring cyber security and other necessary services to the Sex Worker Industry.

Sara Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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