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House keeping: Poaching

In an earlier edition we covered the importance of finding your niche. Your Niche is going to help you gain the type of followers that will convert to paying customers on your fan platforms. Every creator has their own niche, and sometimes you can fall into more than one.

Support has been receiving reports from Members about Creators they don’t follow spamming them with messages to get them to subscribe to their content. Creators are reporting that these messages are coming from creators who using the comment sections on thier posts to find these members. In this industry this would be considered poaching, and it is detrimental to the community Unfiltrd is trying to create on our platform as it destroys trust between creators who are on unfiltrd not only to make money, but to build other creators up as well.

For the most part, poaching is ineffective because those members that creators are trying to retain from another creators following are not interested in they type of content these users are offering. These members would not typically be in their target demographic. What these creators, who are engaging in these practices, are really accomplishing is alienating the creator they are poaching from and annoying the members they’re reaching out to. At the end of the day, we are all here to get a bag, but you wouldn’t steal a co-workers clients in order to gain a bigger pay-check, you would have a really hard time working with them in the future. So why would you poach your fellow creators customers?

Unfiltrd has so many options for members to explore the site and find other creators that they want to engage with; Trending, discovery and shorties! It great when these members can utilize these tools and engage with you organically. But just as you dont like it when your cellphone company calls you to upgrade your phone when you just got a new one a month ago, these members also are not keen on the aggressive sales tactics of DMing them with content to unlock.

To gain a better quality of your own followers check out our other blogs about Finding Your Niche, Utilizing social media to grow a following and promotional tips from Stepanka. In the long run, these strategies will do more to boost your earnings than poaching ever will. You could even send a message to large creators asking them for tips or advice on how they gained their following and apply that to your own content. As always Stepanka Admin is available for questions in regards to promoting, as is Support

See you tomorrow, Unfiltrd Staff

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