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Housekeeping: CG Violations

Today’s blog is not going to be super fun, but it needs to be said. unfiltrd is home to over 13,000 monthly users, this includes members and content creators. Our team is currently pretty small with Brandon taking on most of the security role on his own. Mostly Brandon takes reports of abuse by site users and handles them accordingly, but part of his job is also to look for things that are breaking our community guidelines; alternative sites and alternative payouts being the most common.

Something we’ve been seeing a lot more of lately is creators lashing out at Staff for letting them know they’re breaking community guidelines and pulling the “Well other creators are doing this too and they’re not getting in trouble!” Believe me, they will be as soon as it is found, you’re not the only person getting in trouble for sending a mass DM inviting your followers off site. Or putting your onlyfans link in a link tree on your profile, or a half dozen other ways the community guidelines are violated. We are all adults here, I know we are because you have to verify your identity to even become a content creator. Please be respectful of our staff. They are just trying to do their jobs, and being rude to our staff for doing so could result in a second strike against you, depending on the severity.

Please be respectful of our staff, of our site and of each other. We’re all just trying to make that money here. Have a wonderful Thursday and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new, and more fun topic. Love, Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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