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Housekeeping: Snapchat and telegram

Unfiltrd has implemented a new rule regarding Snapchat and Telegram due to an increase in the amount of creators taking members off the platform in an attempt to receive external payment via these messaging applications. You can go to: to read more about the new rule. I get asked a lot about Snapchat, and it is a great platform to promote on (and I don’t discourage this) But unfortunately it’s also a place where we, as creators, get asked a lot to go and chat with members on. For me, personally, snapchat is a huge time-waster with members as it can and does lead to a loss of subscription income. It also makes members feel like that can be more familiar with us which then makes them feel they don’t have to pay as much for our content. It is important to keep a paywall between yourself and your content in order to make the most money possible and to make fans value your time and efforts.

In addition to an increase of creators taking members off platform to apps such as snapchat and telegram, we have had an increase of reports for leaked content from Snapchat and Telegram in recent weeks, and unfortunately once content leaves the site, security cannot do anything about it. Please make sure to keep fans and members ON the site to protect your content from being leaked, as well as all payments. If you have any questions about this please contact me via Stepanka Admin or reach out to support.

See you next time, XOXO Stepanka 💜

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