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How Fan Subscription Platforms Benefit Exotic Dancers!

As you may be aware, Unfiltrd is the official partner and platform of Deja Vu and Hustler branded clubs! This means that entertainers from hundreds of nationwide clubs now have a special platform dedicated to them and their success! Most entertainers at adult clubs already know the benefits of having a platform such as Onlyfans. Onlyfans allows them to make money after club hours, or a way to earn extra money if they are unable to work due to illness, travel, etc. Unfortunately, Onlyfans never has worked side by side with the clubs to help entertainers create content, or helped fascilitate that connection between customers and entertainers. Creators are quite literally left on their own with only their resources. Not to mention, most clubs look at Onlyfans as competition with their business model. Fortunately, with Unfiltrd, our goal is to cultivate and grow that relationship between entertainers and customers both in and out of the club! Here is exactly how, and how if you are a dancer, this can be of huge benefit to you:

  1. Privacy: Having worked as a dancer myself, I am more than familiar with the every day hassle of customers getting “too close for comfort” and asking me for my phone number. However, it’s also a compliment because it let me know that the connection and relationship I had built with my client was one that he/she wanted to continue (which obviously meant more earnings for me). However, you can never trust someone with your phone number, and your personal life and career should always be kept separate. The best way to do that, is instead of giving customers your phone number or WhatsApp, giving them your Unfiltrd instead. Whether that be via a QR code to your profile, or sharing the direct link with them, Unfiltrd offers a safe haven for communication and connection that will create not only revenue on Unfiltrd, but back at the club as well. Every Unfiltrd profile has a built in QR code that can be easily stored in your photo album on your phone, or put onto business cards! So next time you, as an entertainer, are chatting with a client who wants to continue the fun after the club, whip out your QR code and tell them to join your private page. Many customers will even find it a relief that this isn’t like Onlyfans, but instead something that feels a lot more intimate. 2. More revenue with specifically designed features FOR entertainers: Unfiltrd has really put its focus on clubs and their clientele, and with that, we have designed special features that work in perfect synchronicity with entertainers’ needs. For example, Unfiltrd has a web app, with notifications sent right to your phone. This makes getting messages, tips, and staying in touch with your fans easy for entertainers to do on the go. Unfiltrd also has pay per minute voice and video calls, for those instances when customers may want to give you a call or video call, while you are also able to monetize your precious time. It’s not only a great way to boost revenue, it’s a way to keep in touch with clients and coordinate when they can return to the club. In addition, we have other features such as auctions, private ticketed events, a booking tool called “rendezvous”, and more! 3. Customer Loyalty The reality is, that not all customers are local to particular clubs that they’ve visited. For some customers, going to the club is something they don’t do very often. So why lose out on a customer just because they are unable to make it to your club for an evening? Having Unfiltrd allows you to stay in touch with big spenders and clients, and build loyalty to you as a business. When the customer does happen to be back in town, or ready to go out to the club, you will be the first girl that they think of and want to spend their money on! 4. Easy to learn AND use! Unfiltrd’s greatest asset is in the user interface. I am someone who has had a plethora of different fan subscription platforms, and had a difficult time learning how to use each of them. When designing Unfiltrd I wanted to make sure that this platform would be easy to use and learn for people of all backgrounds. The platform is very similar in interface to Instagram, and we provide each new creator with a quick 10 minute set-up tutorial video and walk through. If this weren’t enough, our team also publishes 3-4 new blogs every single week to our Unfiltrd Blog, in which we cover topics such as how to make more money, clever promotional strategies, and creator tips and tricks. We hold creators’ hands and walk them through every step of their Unfiltrd journey. 5. A sense of community I’ve joked before that Unfiltrd feels a little bit like a “cult”. And while obviously we don’t make people drink Kool-Aid or vow their devotion to us, we are quite flattered by the fact that many members of our community are just so in love with Unfiltrd that they sing our praises high and low. We really pride ourselves on the fact that creators feel that Unfiltrd is a safe home for their content where they can connect with other creators and fans in ways they really can’t anywhere else. Unfiltrd truly is something special and unique.

To sum it up, Unfiltrd is a great additional source of income for entertainers from all walks of life. Whether you are a dancer at a club, bartender, or someone who is just curious about making some extra money, Unfiltrd is the right fit for you. Best of all, we have the help of Deja Vu clubs, making the process of setting up your account and creating content so much easier. Some clubs are evening offering management for creators who are too busy to run their own accounts. Unfiltrd truly is the future of the fan subscription and entertainment club industry, and we look forward to welcoming all entertainers on board for this exciting new journey!


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