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How Much Can I REALLY Earn on Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, and other Subscription Platforms?

We are all accustomed to seeing social media influencers boast insanely high earnings on their fan subscription pages. These earnings may seem exaggerated and unrealistic, and leave us scratching our heads. It makes us wonder how realistic these earnings really are for us. In today's blog we are going to dive into the discussion of what is a realistic monthly income on fan subscription platforms such as Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, and others! Sometimes when we come into a new endeavor, such as selling spicy content, having high expectations and less than expected outcomes leads to disappointment and prematurely giving up. By having realistic expectations, and knowing WHAT to expect, we can prevent ourselves from getting discouraged and keep on working towards our goals.

Before I get into any numbers, I want to share a story of my own that I think most people will find pretty surprising. About 7 years ago I started a Patreon page. I was a creator on YouTube and was making a comfortable living off of ad-sense revenue, however because of the constantly changing policies on Google and YouTube, I was looking to other means of income. My first month on Patreon, my hopes were high, and I had the expectation that I would open up my page and immediately start seeing a boom in revenue. Unfortunately, this did not happen. In my first month on Patreon, I earned less than $200. I was dissapointed, let down, and for a brief moment threw the towel in and went back to focusing on YouTube.

I took a couple months off and randomly got a message one day from a member of my Patreon. He asked me if I planned to come back, and that I really ought to. I decided that for the fun of it, I would come back and see if I could launch this in a different way. This time around, I'd have a game plan. I created WAY more content which was better quality and more in tune with what my fans wanted. I also decided to roll out a huge campaign for the "re-launch" of my Patreon. I promoted the HELL out of my page on all my socials, and the second time around, my first month on Patreon saw revenue of almost $14,000. I was STUNNED! I had never made that kind of money before, and I felt so grateful that I decided to give it another chance.

These earnings are totally realistic for hard working and dedicated creators, but what about those that are earning $20k or more? Unfortunately I don't think that is realistic for a smaller creator who does not have the power of a massive social media following (or at least in the beginning). Regardless, you can still make a great income on fan subscription pages, with enough time, work, market savviness, and motivation. I would estimate that most creators, with little to no social media following can earn anywhere from $100-$1,000 their first month. Sometimes, they may not see income at all, but these first couple of months of getting the ball rolling are CRUCIAL. You must keep going, you must stay on track with your goals, and you must stay consistent. The most successful people are the ones who keep going even when they aren't seeing the results they want. Think of being a successful creator as a large boulder. The first few pushes are always the hardest, but once you get the boulder moving, it takes less and less work to keep the momentum going.

With enough hard work, and educating yourself on how to market yourself, improve your content, and retain subscribers, many creators can eventually accumulate enough subscribers and paying clients to create either an amazing source of additional income, or full-time income. The key is to NOT compare your earnings to other creators, not get easily discouraged, and when one thing doesn't work, try another! While this space is very saturated, there is plenty of room for everyone to make money!

Everyday, I see dozens of creators joining our platform with high hopes and dreams. But unfortunately many of these creators will upload only a few photos and call it quits when they don't see immediate results. The problem with this line of work is that oftentimes it may look easy and effortless. While this may be the draw for many to come into this industry, it is also an illusion and not how things actually work.

So how much can you really end up earning when you reach a certain level of success on Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, or any other fan subscription platform? The truth is, most creators who are at the top 1% make around $10,000-$15,000. I know personally, because I was at one point a top 1% creator (before I shifted my focus to running Unfiltrd). It is only a very small percentage of creators who will ever earn the amounts like $50,000-$100,000. The good news is that this type of work, while requiring lots of business skill and motivation, can also be a job that gives you freedom, confidence, and the opportunity to take your work anywhere with you! Keep your eyes on the prize, and keep your expectations in line, and there is no doubt you will be earning a great amount of money that will improve your lifestyle! Good luck!


Stephanie aka Stepanka


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