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How Much PPV is Too Much

I scroll through creator advice subreddits almost daily looking for things that may need to have blogs written about them. Today I saw a girl asking how much PPV is too much PPV and is it costing her subs. So lets tackle this today

Sending PPV

For many content creators, PPV is where they make most of their money. On older platforms like onlyfans where there is no option of subscription tiers, content creators will offer low price subscriptions and send out weekly pay per view. And most fans expect this. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating content for fan platforms. Monthly subscriptions of about $5-6 is not enough to even make a dent in the financial cost of making content or the amount of time that goes into it. So content creators rely on PPV sales to make their time worth it. For platforms like Unfiltrd where you have the option of setting subscription tiers, you can offer higher tiers to your fans that promise little or no PPV. If your subs are paying $30 or more a month, it’s fair to assume they’re not wanting to spend $10 or more on each video they view. The trick is making sure you know who to send your PPVs to and who not to.

is it too much?

in short. No. It is not too much to be sending out weekly PPVs to a subscription tier that is paying a minimum price or signed up on a sale. And again, most subscribers expect PPV to some degree. If you’re experiencing loss of subs around the time you send out a PPV, it’s likely not the PPV itself and more likely, the subs never intended to spend more than the bare minimum on content. We get a lot of that in this industry. If you’re sending multiple PPVs a week, or if it is daily, or if you’re sending to a subscription tier that is paying top dollar for access to your content, its probably too much 🫣

When to Send a PPV

For myself personally, I like to send PPV content once a week to my low and mid tier, those PPVs get posted for free on my VIP tier. Anything that’s extra spicy than my usual content may go out as a low priced PPV for my VIPs as an early access kind of deal. And any time I do this I wait until the next month to post it on my VIP tier. That way any subscribers who stuck around for the month but didn’t purchase the PPV will still get access to it.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. We’ll be back tomorrow! And dont forget our creator workshop tomorrow night 😘 Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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