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How to AVOID Drama as a Content Creator

Avoiding drama in the content creator industry requires a combination of proactive communication, clear expectations, and a focus on building a business for yourself that sets clear boundaries. It's very important in this industry to connect with other fellow creators as well as network - and unfortunately, in this fiercely competitive industry where there are a plethora of different types of personalities, you are bound to run into some drama, disagreements, and situations which will test your mental health. Not to mention, you will deal with dozens of different customers and clients on a daily basis who may test your patience in a number of ways. However, work-place drama is not only reserved for this industry. It is found in almost any work environment, and sadly, in this industry, there is no "HR" department to help. Here is how you can navigate this industry while also sparing yourself the headache of "workplace drama".

  1. Effective Communication:

  • Most of the time, disagreements stem from two people not hearing another person out and sometimes unintentionally invalidating their concerns. It also doesn't help that most communications are done via text or messaging, where so much can get misconstrued or lost in translation. When someone comes to you with an issues or a grievance (whether it be a client or another creator), try to have an open heart and open mind!

  • Understand that sometimes in order to agree, you must agree to disagree. Everyone will view one issue in different ways, and sometimes there is no changing someone's mind. You certainly cannot change the way a person thinks, nor is it your responsibility. Focus on YOU and what YOU can change.

  • Address issues promptly and directly! If you feel unhappy with a fellow creator or a client on your spicy page, it's best to "nip" things in the bud as quickly as you can.

  1. Set Clear Boundaries:

  • This type of business helps friendships flourish because so many creators are supportive of each other. This industry is built off of women empowering other women, but unfortunately there is a dark side to that. Not everyone's intentions will be pure or to the benefit of all parties. This is why it is important to establish boundaries. Have a safe "private" space you can retreat to when work is over.

  • You should also understand that work is "work", and that your personal, private life, is seperate from that. Now, I don't necessarily suggest you never get close to those in your networking circle, but it's important to be friendly yet professional. This is just a business, afterall!

  1. Take Time Off:

  • Taking time off is NOT a sign of defeated. Sometimes in situations where you are stressed, unhappy, or feeling overwhelmed - it is okay to take a breather and step away.

  • Encourage a healthy work-life balance to prevent burnout and stress and provide yourself resources for managing stress and maintaining well-being. Some examples are finding a hobby that is outside of content creation or off of social media. Get off of your phone, your computer, and reconnect with yourself and nature! These are things I feel help me a lot!

  1. Take Accountability & Make Changes:

  • Be open to critique and feedback from your network as well as from customers. Oftentimes people feel defensive or instinctually hurt when someone doesn't agree with them. Try your best to really listen to what people have to say, and even if you disagree, let that person know that their feelings are valid. If you can walk away from a conversation knowing that you were as constructive and positive as possible, you'll feel so much better, regardless of the circumstances. By practicing kindness, understanding, and compassion, you teach those around you how to handle situations the same way.

  • Use feedback to make improvements. None of us are perfect, and sometimes people mean well when they express concern or a critique towards you or your work. Always being on the defense is 1. stressful and 2. unnecessary. We ALL have room to grow and sometimes a critique that we take poorly, is just a nudge in a better direction.

Remember that getting rid of workplace drama may not be completely possible, but creating a positive and supportive environment for yourself can significantly help. Regularly assess your work relationships and make sure that they are productive. This industry can have a lot of big personalities and people from ALL different walks of life. Not everyone will see things the way you do, or have the same type of communication as you. Sometimes all of these meshing personalities create an enviroment of productivity, love, and support, and sometimes the opposite. The better you can deal with drama, and the more you can compartmentalize your work away from your personal and private life, the better! At the end of the day, I tell myself that we are all here for a common goal - we are trying to work and make money in order to improve our quality of life! When you focus fully on that goal, and don't pay attention to unnecessary drama and noise, your work and mental health will 100% improve! I guarantee!

Stay positive and work hard in 2024!


Stephanie aka Stepanka

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