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How to Boost Engagement and Sales With Games on Your Spicy Page!

Back when I was writing the blog 7 days a week, I did one on playing games with your subs. This included things like Trivia Night, Spin the Wheel and Guess the Color. These are all great ways to help boost engagement and sales, but I’m back with some new suggestions. Some of these are from the SexworkCEO Twitter feed. Honestly, if you’re not following them, your missing out.

New Games

Pick a door: Use Canva to make yourself a couple of cute door graphics. Once you’ve saved these use one as the free image on a mass DM and include either a cute but tame or sexy and spicy image or video.

Much like the game shows of old, you give your followers an option to pick door one or door two. Make sure one door is always cute but SFW and the other door is always nsfw. Keep The price low enough to encourage the member to unlock the image, but not so low that you wont make any money from it when they are unlocked. With this version of Pick a Door make sure you let your fans know with the captions that it is a game and make it fun! You want them to unlock the content so make the caption spicy!

Example: Hey hunny, want to play a game? I’m going to send you two PPVs, but ONLY ONE will have the most XXXplicit content behind it? Which one do you think it is. Pick one to find out!”

Drop an Emoji

Post a public post to your feed and ask all of your followers to drop a specific emoji in the comments. At the end of a period of time you’ll randomly select one follower that commented to receive a free piece of content. Use a random number generator to keep it fair. This will boost your engagement on your feed and increase interest in your overall content.

Another variation of Pick a Door that I’ve had success with was this: Post a graphic of three doors, each one a different color. Make the post free on your feed and explain that if a $10 tip is sent on that post with choice of door color, they will get one of three items for their tip. I included things like 2 minute custom, 10 minutes sexting session or a video from my vault of their favorite type of content. You could also include voice notes and video calls.

Make sure you have a list somewhere for yourself of what you have set for each door. This way its always consistent between users.


There’s been a running joke of something having not been on the 2023 bingo card which is where inspiration for this game comes from:

Use Canva to create a bingo card like the one below. Then send it out to all of your followers and tell them to keep track of what they purchase, or how they interact on your feed. Once they Get bingo they get a prize! This prize should be something like a free short call or a free short custom. For squares that involve tipping or purchasing content, you’ll want to compare the users bingo card with your records to make sure no one is cheating.

games to boost engagement

Hint: Set your inbound media messages to $5 so that they wont be too shy about sending you the completed bingo card.

Card Flip

You can do this with a deck of playing cards or with Uno cards. Encourage members to tip to flip a card and make sure your clear what each card could get them. Queen- Topless photo, King- Video, Jack- sexy voice note, 1/10- dealers choice, Ace- 2 minute custom. Record yourself flipping the card from the deck and send the recording to the member and then the prize they have won.

Things to keep in mind

In any type of game you play with your fans, there has to be a prize. If there’s a chance that they pay to play and win nothing, it can be considered gambling and it is against our community guidelines. Members always have to have an option to win SOMETHING. So please keep this in mind if you are wanting to incorporate games into your content to boost engagement.

That’s all I have for you this week but if you have any questions about games or need help with Canva templates for any of the above, please feel free to reach out to me! Have a great week and get that bag!!



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