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How to Make EASY Money on Fan Pages

How to make the MOST money on fan pages!

There are a million ways to earn money on fan subscription platforms. Many platforms such as Unfiltrd have tons of unique features such as video calls, voice calls, live streaming, auctions, and more! But you may be surprised at how much money you can earn with just the simplest features and simplest tactics. In today’s blog I will be telling you how to earn the most money, with the least amount of effort on your fan page!

Recycle and repurpose content!

Odds are, if you have been in this industry for a while, you have a TON of content stored in your vault or on your phone. When you look at all of that content at face value, try to put a numerical value on it all. Now take a look at your followers and your earnings, and ask yourself, have I really utilized this content to its fullest capacity and value? Have I sent this content to every new follower or even potentially followers who have been here a while and may not have seen it? This is why recycling content is always a great idea! There are ALWAYS people who haven’t seen a certain video, photoset, etc. Don’t be afraid to go back into your vault and find older content to repurpose and make money with! It’s easy, and it also helps take the load off of you in terms of content creation!

VIP Subscription Model:

One of the easiest ways to boost your income is to add a subscription model to your page. You don’t want to be under-selling and under-valuing yourself, and by having a completely free to follow page with way too many freebies is going to cheapen your content and make you TOO accessible. While this may work for some creators, I do recommend creating two subscription levels on Unfiltrd. First, make one that is around 10 dollars. This will be your entry level subscription. This is where most new followers will want to start. However, in this level, make sure to include mostly teaser and SFW type of content (that is only just a little sexier than what you put out for free). THEN, make a $99 dollar subscription level and put ALL of your juicy bits there. You want your lower tier to be a gateway to your highest. And by simply having a 99 dollar tier, you are allowing all of your most loyal and dedicated fans show their appreciation (while boosting your bank account)!

Engage & SEXT:

Nowadays, the best way to earn money on Unfiltrd and other fan subscription platforms is simply through engaging one on one with your fans. I would personally stray away from sending overly redundant mass messages and mass Unlockables to your fans. It can be tiring, boring, and honestly sometimes annoying. Instead, focus on having personal conversations and building connections with your fans. In those conversations, try to put a sexual twist on things so that you’ll eventually have the opportunity to sell or offer a piece of high priced content or a custom to the fan!

Referral Revenue:

If you have a substantial following, you may be able to tap into that network of creators and make money through referrals. It is no secret that the Unfiltrd referral program is AMAZING! We have both a creator AND a member referral program and the more people you bring to the platform, the more passive income you aim to make! It’s a win-win situation!

So there you have it! I shy away from telling creators that they can be lazy sometimes and still make money. This industry is all about the hustle and consistency. However, I know that sometimes life gets in the way and things get hectic; and when that happens, it’s nice to have some easy methods of earning income to fall back on! Good luck trying all of these and hope they work for you!



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