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Building Loyalty With Your Fanbase

Audience Retention is one of the most challenging aspects of this line of work; Subscribers come and go, and to some extent this cannot be helped. Some people subscribe to satiate a temporary thirst or to satisfy a curiosity. "Post Nut Clarity" is another reason we lose subscibers.

Others will stick around for a long time out of loyalty to you. One thing that is for certain is that there will always be a portion of your followers who are completely loyal to you and your content. These members, once converted into loyal followers, will generally follow you from platform to platform, and stay up-to-date on everything you post. Your ability to retain these types of followers depends heavily on the quality of your content and just how interactive you are. If you want this type of subscriber the way you engage with them important! Today we're going to discuss how you can build engagement on a more personal level that will build loyalty with your followers.

How to build engagement and keep followers

As a NSFW creator there are things you can do to easily build engagement with your followers and keep them subscribing month after month: Learn names! This is the easiest thing you can do, learn the subscribers name and then jot it down somewhere so that you dont forget it. When you start interacting with them, use their name. "Hey Babe" is an easy way to address your fans, "Hey JD" is the best way to address JD and build loyalty. You take that extra small step that recognizes your fan and creates familiarity.

Respond to messages as quickly as possible. I have push notifications for my DMs on Unfiltrd, so I can respond quickly to my subscribers when they message me. I also respond thoughtfully. I never give a generic response, or leave them on read for hours before responding. Mind you, I do do this with IRL friends -leaving them on read-, but they're not paying my bills so... 😅

So the next time you get a message, don’t hold off, and don’t leave a generic reply. Think of each message, each person, as an opportunity to build a connection that can be mutually beneficial. Subscribers want access and a genuine connection, and if you are able to provide that, you in turn gain a loyal follower that will bring in a consistent stream of revenue.

The difference between other adult content online- think pornhub- and what many creators offer on fan platforms is the chance to talk to a real person. That personal connection is what makes it so special and valuable, it's really what brings these people to us. A large portion of my subscribers are lonely men looking to make a connection with someone they saw on instagram and thought they could relate to, or get off too. Sometimes limiting the use of overly sexual language will allow people to see that you are also a person and a potential friend. You’ll find that oftentimes people just want someone to talk to. Some people may find it difficult to connect with someone they do not know online, being personable and friendly can help them break down those barriers. Other times that anonymity is exactly what they need to get something off their chest that they don’t feel comfortable talking to their friends or partner about. Nonetheless, always try to stray away from simple replies and “thank you’s” and lean more towards the well thought out messages that are specific to each person. This can be as easy as simply using their name, or asking them specifics about their day, their interests, etc. Have genuine conversations with your subs. It doesn't always have to be sex related, in fact veering away from sex from time to time actually builds better connections with your subs. Eventually this work leads you to better knowing your audience and then being able to better provide them with the type of content you know they’ll like. Think of it as market research every time you engage with a member. You are not just building a business, but a community too. That community can and will be the difference between your success and throwing in the towel.

Put these methods to work for you and your brand. Then let us know how it works out for you!

XOXOX Sara Lyn

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