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How to REALLY Make Money on Onlyfans, Unfiltrd, & Other Fan Platforms in 2024!

It's a new year and the fan subscription industry is continuing to change and expand. While it may seem like it is harder and harder to make money with spicy content these days, it is just simply not the case! In fact, there are even MORE ways to make money with your content! However, I must say that it does require a bit more creativity than it used to. Since the industry is so saturated and so many people are trying to get into this line of work for extra money (or as a career change), there's a lot more competition! You have to know how to stand out, promote, make sales, and so much more! I have been in this industry for almost 10 years and I have been able to buy a home, buy cars for myself and family members, and travel the world. I know this may come off as bragging or me being "cocky", and I honestly don't mean for it to. I'm simply just proud of myself, because there was a time in my life where I was living from paycheck to paycheck, with barely enough money in my bank account for groceries!

I specifically remember living in LA at 25, and having 20 dollars left in my checking account. And what did I do? I spent it on wine (I guess it was from all of the stress)! Eventually, I found my way in this life, and became a content creator on YouTube, which eventually led me to monetizing a portion of my sexiest content on Patreon, Onlyfans, and now Unfiltrd. It's been a long journey to reach this level of success, and I feel that it's been a gradual learning experience. I only wish that I had the knowledge I have now 7-10 years ago. However, it feels good to be able to share this information and knowledge with fellow creators, and help them change their lives too! I never want someone to be in the financial situation I was in, and if they are, I really hope that I can be the one to lead them out of it. First things first, what's more important in 2024 than ever before is DOING YOUR RESEARCH and staying up-to-date on trends, social media strategies, and what works and doesn't. If you don't spend enough time researching other creators who are successful, studying and analyzing what they post, then you need to start. Imitiation is flattery, but imitation is also SMART. Why make your life more challenging by trying to find your own way, when you can follow in the paths of others who have perfected a formula. My suggestion is to find 2-3 different creators within your niche on Tik Tok or Instagram, and take notes on what they are doing. What is helping them be successful? Now, all you do is try to put your own unique spin on it! A lot of creators who have been doing this for a while but haven't found massive success tend to dismiss social media as a powerful tool for their fan pages. You need to stop viewing social media as a burden or an "extra" thing you do on the side and see it as a big part of your business. Your social media is the gateway to your fan subscription page. It is the storefront to your business, and it NEEDS to be effective and enticing! Simply put, I think it's really important to do as much research as possible! Become an EXPERT! Your knowledge will be your power and your upper-hand (not your beauty or physique)! Secondly, you will need CONSISTENCY. It is extremely difficult to be consistent when you don't start to see immediate success. Most creators will put in a ton of effort in the beginning, and when they don't see results, self-doubt and insecurity will begin to creep in and they will just give up. They'll think "maybe this just isn't for me". Not to mention, it can feel embarrassing when you try very hard, and then don't see results. Especially when that effort is on such public display for people to see. I want you to know that EVERYONE goes through this as a content creator. Everyone feels the shame and embarrassment of trying really hard and falling really short in front of people. I have felt it all throughout my time as a content creator, and even very recently. It's a part of being a content creator, and only the most successful ones are able to brush their shoulders off and keep things moving. You cannot be phased by what others think and you need to stop being so hard on yourself. If one thing doesn't work, try to make it work by applying different strategies (do your research)! If one thing continues to not work for a long period of time, despite you trying different strategies, move along and try something different. The key is to not let yourself get too lost in self-doubt! Keep showing up every single day, because every day that you show up is a chance that you'll strike gold. The more you'll try, the more your odds for success will increase.

The third step is FOCUS, as well as putting together all these three things I've discussed. Find the areas which you will be focusing on. Which social media platform will be your focus? Which niche is going to be your focus? What type of content is going to be your focus? What is the demographic of people you are trying to reach and want to focus most on? All of your focuses need to be (as the word implies) focused on! Really narrow it down to what exactly it is that you want to do. The biggest mistake I see creators making is that they don't have a well-defined niche, they aren't focusing enough on it, and they aren't putting focus on growing their social media platforms. They're a bit all over the place with everything and their content. What they are focusing on is all dependent on their "mood" or where the wind blows that day. You have to treat this like a job, and you have to become an EXPERT at what you do. The way to become an expert is to find your focus, do your research, and stay consistent.

How to make money on onlyfans
Stepanka's Creator Academy

At the beginning of 2024, I made it my goal to finally develop a course for creators. I had made enough money to live comfortably and now I wanted to teach people how to make money on Onlyfans in 2024! Better yet, let me also teach them about Unfiltrd, a new and even BETTER platform! I had been asked probably hundreds of times by fellow creators to offer something that teaches them how to become successful on Unfiltrd, Onlyfans, and other fan subscription platforms. I always offered help via this blog and my social media but I never created something where I shared my specific strategies, scripts, secrets, and techniques. People have been asking for my secrets to going viral on social media ever since my Fart Jar PR stunt, and so instead of holding in all of my secrets, I decided that I was finally going to let the fart out of the jar.

how to make money on onlyfans
I made $200,000 with a PR stunt!

I think a part of me feared letting people know my secret techniques because I worked so hard to learn these things, so why give them away so easily to strangers online? I'm happy that I'm in a place where I know that there is plenty of money to go around on fan subscription platforms, and that helping others is in no way going to take away from what I've built fro myself. My course, Stephanie's Creator Academy is available on . I am also offering consulations and audits with creators! One of my big goals with this course is to be as in-depth as possible. I wanted to cover topics such as how to price your content, how to sext effectively, how to optimize your entire page and persona for maximum revenue. I also wanted to teach creators how to go viral on Tik Tok, Instagram, X, and learn how to build a following on Reddit. I know that for a lot of creators, they are going into this industry and feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to simplify everything, make it easily understandable, while also giving ALL of the information and tools creators would need to really make this into a career. I am excited to be sharing my in-depth course, and I know that many of you who have been reading my blogs know that I do still like to give out information and tips here on a weekly basis! I love to help other creators level up, and so if you are really serious on changing your life this year, I encourage you to also check out my course! Hope to see you there!




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