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ICYMI: February Creator Workshop Recap

Last night we hosted our fourth creator workshop. We do these once a month where, usually Steph, teaches content creators new ways to monetize and promote their unfiltrd accounts. Last night I hosted and covered some different topics. If you missed it, dont worry, I’ve got your recap.

Common Scams to Look Out For

E-checks: E-checks are basically a digital check emailed to you for deposit into your bank account. The problem here is that they usually are fake or provide the sender with real information such as account and routing number of your bank. Avoid fraud and potential identity theft. Always take payment through a reputable platform like Unfiltrd

Verification Images: Any request to write someone else’s name on a piece of paper and hold it near your face for a photo is a common scam used to steal your content to post on less secure platforms. This method has become less popular with identity verification becoming more strict across platforms, but it’s still something to be cautious of. Anyone requesting this type of verification to prove you’re “real” should be reminded that the website itself has already verified your identity.

Cash On Delivery: Never agree to cash on delivery of service such as sexting, GFE, or custom content. Anyone not willing to pay upfront is likely not going to pay at all or try to barter your prices down after service is rendered. Always take payment up front. This avoids wasting your time and producing content you would not otherwise be able to sell.

Paid Promotions: 99% of paid promotions are a scam. Especially if they are telling you that you’ll get X number of followers from working with them. With the way the algorithms work, it’s impossible to guarantee a set number of followers for a post or even a few posts. It all depends on the engagement the post is getting and the audience reaction to the post. If they are promising a set number, they’re using bots. Bots will hurt your engagement as they don’t interact with your content. That interaction is what is needed to make your content go viral. The higher your followers and the lower your engagement, the less likely you are to go viral or even end up on the discovery page.

Management Companies: if emojis display feelings… this is how I feel about management companies 🫠🫠🫠 They’re the worst. Anyone reaching out to you offering to manage you paid platforms, and ” coach you” on how to create your content better is 100% trying to scam you out of your money. Let me show you one so you can be aware of what to look out for:

I mean come on…. they want to manage everything right down to your social media, and not only take a cut of your earnings but charge a flat fee as well? Some of these companies even offer “On site workshops” and “weekend getaways” which should shoot up all kinds of red flags. For the most part, these management companies are typically run by jerks who don’t even like sex workers to begin with but they see how much money we make and they want a piece of it. Contracts are strict and hard to get out of and you could lose everything you’ve built yourself to these guys if you sign a contract with them. Avoid these guys at all costs. If you need help, reach out to fellow content creators and see if they would be willing to work with you.

Anyone Just Offering You Money: this is always a scam. They could go to your fan site and subscribe or tip. If they’re asking for your cash app on insta just to offer you money, its a scam.

Wishlist Items for Content: If someone offers to buy something off your wishlist in exchange for content, don’t do this. Most of the time the purchase will be cancelled as soon as they get the content, or they’ll request a return and then they have your address 😶‍🌫️

Security Measures

Strong Passwords: Use strong passwords, as long as you can stand and with many numbers and special characters. Your passwords should always be long and complicated. I like to use side characters names from whatever book I’m reading at the time. Here’s a short list of password must haves:

  1. Dont use words in the dictionary.

  2. Passwords should always look like this: P@$s_W0rd! *Dont actually use this!*

  3. A minimum of 8 characters but the longer the better

  4. change passwords regularly, every 60 or 90 days.

Two Factor Authentication: Always use 2FA where available. This includes your social media and your paid platforms. Most platforms offer 2fa with either your phone or an authenticator app. The Authenticator app is the more secure of the two as it prevents bad actors from skimming your SIM card and getting your text messages and phone calls forwarded to them. If someone does manage to hack your password, 2FA gives added security of having to enter a code before access is given.

Geoblocking: Use GeoBlocking where available to block specific locations from accessing your content. Use Cloudflare where its not available

Cloudflare: Cloudflare is a web service that allows you to add geoblocks directly to your link tree links. It does have to be used in unison with a domain as it wont work with typical link trees. Cloudflare allows you to block people with ip addresses in your set locations from even seeing your links. Even if you have geo blocking available, this would still be good to use to prevent your friends and family or anyone in your set locations from even seeing your links.

Use VPNs: Use a VPN Service such as Express VPN, to disguise your actual location. VPNs route your IP address through different location servers to make it look like you’re in Florida instead of Chicago.

Amazon Wishlist: We touched on this above in terms of exchanging content for wishlist items. Here we’re taking it a step further: DONT USE AMAZON. Amazon will provide your address to the purchaser of the item if they request a return. This can (and HAS) lead to stalking situations. If you’re going to have a wishlist, use something like Throne that is more secure.

Get a PO Box: We’ve covered this in past blogs but we’ll recap it here because it was a great question in last nights workshop: if you have a wishlist, get a PO Box. And get it a couple of hours away from where you live. Never tell anyone when you’re going to pick up from your box. You get added security if you set it up in a business name.

Lets Go Viral

Lets talk about ways you can get infant of a wider audience, hack the algorithm a little bit and possibly go viral

SFS: Share for share, otherwise known as SFS, is one of the best ways to get yourself in front of a wider audience on social media. Network with other content creators in your niche: If you’re an Egirl, work with other Girls, Curvy, athletic, etc. Always do SFS in your own niche to reach the audience you want to be seen by.

Paid Promotion: We covered a lot about paid promotion already. But if you are going to do a paid promo, make sure the pages engagement looks good and they’re not offering a specific number of followers per promo.

Post Consistently: You should be posting to your instagram consistently. Having a consistent posting schedule has helped me grow the following that I have. Posting at the or around the same time every day or every other day builds confidence with your followers. That confidence will make them more likely to follow you to your fan sites and subscribe. Use analytics to determine the best times and days to post. Posting during high traffic times also boost your engagement and ability to go viral as more of your fans are seeing the post as its going live because that’s when they’re online.

Use Quality Images and Leave Something to the Imagination: Your instagram photos should always be of a high quality. They dont have to be professionally produced but they should be clear, crisp and have excellent framing. High end cell phones take beautiful pictures these days and ringlight stands usually come with remotes so you can easily take your own beautiful photos with little effort. And make sure your images are leaving something to your fans imagination. Not only to avoid instagram booting you off their platform but to make your fans want to see you even more. If they can get the whole package for free on social media, they’ll be less likely to subscribe.

Use a Scheduling Tool: Scheduling tools are great because they allow you to schedule content to post if your high traffic hours are during your work day or you’re going to be too busy to post. There’s the added bonus of having analytics for all linked social media as well. Hootsuite is a great choice, but the free version of Metricool is superior in that you can post a lot more and link more accounts than free Hootsuite.

Reels: Dont feel like you have to use reels to go viral. Reels take a lot of effort and time to create and there’s not always a good payoff with them. If you have the right audio and the right imagery, you can go viral with a reel, but it’s not easy.

Stories: Use your stories, not just for SFS but for lifestyle content. Lifestyle is always my most popular content in my stories as it gives my fans a peek into my daily life. Keep it safe though. Dont post any images that could tell fans exactly where you are. Save lifestyle content to your camera roll to post at a later date or time to avoid running into anyone in real life while you’re visiting a popular spot.

Other Things We Covered

We had some great questions in the chat last night and I want to address a few of them here: Faceless Creators: Does being a faceless creator hurt your chances of making more money? Not really, you do have to work a little harder as far as creativity goes to make your social media content more engaging. But you can make just as much money as a faceless creator as the full face creators do.

Curvy Creators: Being curvy or a big girl is not going to hurt your ability to earn. As a matter of fact, curvy creator are some of the biggest earners in the industry right now. Men are loving the THICC Girls right now. So embrace your body and flaunt your stuff.

Multilingual: If you’re multilingual, use that to your advantage. We have a lot of fans on Unfiltrd and other fan platforms. They’ll be more likely to stick around if you can talk to them in their native language. Plus languages are sexy and speaking multiple languages 🥵

Read the Daily Blog I harp on this, but I write this blog every single day and most days it’s full of useful information for promoting, creating content, common scams, sales hacks and so much more. I also try to do twice monthly interviews with content creators on Unfiltrd to offer insight into the different levels of content creation. If you’re interested in being interviewed for the blog, shoot me an email at and we can set something up.

Okay, I think that was everything we covered last night. This blog is a long one so if you made it this far, thank you for sticking with me! K love you bye! and see you at the next workshop! Sara Lyn Chacon, Unfiltrd Staff

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