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ICYMI: January Creator Workshop

HIIII! It was so great to see everyone at last nights creator workshop! We covered a lot of information last night so I’m here to recap it for you today! The full recording will be available on the Stepanka Admin account in a few days. Previous workshops are available as well if you missed those. Let’s dive in!


We tend to talk about promoting a lot; in the blogs, in our workshops and even on our socials. That’s because promoting is some of the most important work you can do to gain a following and convert them to subscribers. Check out Stephs Promotion check list below- Are you doing all of this every single week?

Letting your fans know that you have an Unfiltrd account and the kinds of things they can expect from you there versus other platforms is going to help you with converting subs over to unfiltrd. Let them know about events, calling and more! Post your shorter tiktoks and reels as a shortie on Unfiltrd to let people on the platform know you’re there too. This is really good for people who dont promote so much on social media but do a lot on Unfiltrd. Use your lists to send mass DMs to unsubscribed users. Offer them perks for coming back such as a free photoset when they resubscribe. Use a screenshot of your profile page on unfiltrd to use in promotional slides for stories and the like. It helps build recognition with your audience as we look pretty similar to instagram in regards to profile layout. Building that recognition and familiarity with your fan base helps them feel more at ease. The familiarity with the layout will help them figure out that Unfiltrd is pretty easy to navigate and it wont be having to learn a whole new system.

making promotional content

Steph gave a lot of great examples of ways to create promotional content last night. 1. Make reels and tiktoks as inadvertent advertisements * Steph has a great reel with text as soon as the video starts reading “You cant charge $100 a minute to yell at men to clean their rooms” with the “Why Not” audio over the video. This quickly went viral as it used a trending song, her outfit was eye-catching and the text immediately grabbed attention. It was also a subtle advertisement for her Unfiltrd account. Tips: when you’re scrolling at night, if you come across the same sound several times in your FYP, save it to your favorite and see if you can use it for an subtle unfiltrd promotion and use the advice steph gave last night to create appealing, eye-catching reels. Make sure you have simple but catchy text as soon as the reel starts so keep people from scrolling by and dont use distracting filters or over edit your images.

2. When adding slides to your story as promotions use quality photos that tease your account and content without giving too much away and always use the link sticker to direct people directly to your site. Tip: Edit the text of your link sticker to read something a little naughty or to let them know exactly what they’re getting if they click your link. Steph recommends language like “I’ve never done this before” “Only time I’ll do this” “My spiciest page” “Connect with me on a more Personal level” “Unlike anything you’ve ever seen from me”

3. Make sure your promotional content is the same quality as the content on your platform. Consistency is important. Your promotional content should reveal enough to pique interest, but should not remove the incentive of subscribing. Tip: Dont over edit images. Too much filtering and editing will turn your fan base off. Use apps like Face Tune, Faceapp, or Snapseed to touch up photos or add quick but subtle makeup effects. Apps like iMovie, inshot and splice are great for doing the same with videos. Use Canva for creating promotional slides for social media and other eye catching graphics for you platforms (we made a mock tip menu in five minutes on canva for one of our blogs, its hella easy)

Creatures of Habit

Steph talked a lot last night about working yourself into your fans routines because humans, and especially men, are creatures of habit. She even gave us some great ideas for working into those routines: Ask your regular fans how their day is going and engage with what they have to say. Make a mental note of what they do(if it comes up) and bring it up again in the future. Learn their names and use them . Send out regular DMs asking about them. Not everything we do needs to be sales driven. The little things to make connections with the fans we already have will keep them around for longer than if we were to only ever send out promotional materials to them. In my personal experience, the ones that stick around the longest have always been the ones that are not only looking for my content, but my companionship. They’ve enjoyed conversing with me as much as they’ve enjoyed my content, or more. get personal with them but dont ever give to much of your own information away; dont give out a real name and/or real locations.


We touched on events last night and how they are a great way to engage with your fans.

We didn’t talk too much about it last night, but there are a lot of other things you can do with your fans if you are doing an event and you dont always want them to be nudity based. Check out our blog on Games for more ideas for your events.


Holidays are a content creating bonanza as you can get pretty creative with content regardless of the holiday! Christmas is behind us and we dont have any major holidays coming up for a while but valentines day is around the corner and we have a blog for national {insert subject here} days that are coming up in the first quarter of the year. Chocolate Fondue day and White T-shirt day being the first two I can think off of the top of my head.

Tips for Newbies

Our very own Cataleya presented her tips for newbies last night, and she had some really good tips. I want to do those justice so I am going to do a separate blog for tomorrow to cover her tips for newbies and also add some of my own.

Important links

We had some great questions last night in regards to settings and other information so I will add links below: Lists Events Tip Menus for events and more Conntecting with fans on a more personal level Reddit Creator Community

See you tomorrow with our Tips for Newbies Blog! Make sure to subscribe to the blog to get it delivered daily to your inbox. You can email me at to have certain topics featured, ask questions, or to set up an interview with me for a future blog edition. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 💜 Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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