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ICYMI: November Creator Workshop | FREE Creator Workshop!

If you missed the November creator workshop, have no fear! We're here to provide the recap we're all looking for! Best part? The creator workshop is FREE!

Last Thursday our CEO hosted our creator workshop to teach new comers and veterans alike how to be the most successful with their Unfiltrd pages. She covered everything from setting up your page to increasing engagement. If you missed the workshop keep reading to learn more.

Building your Page

When you join Unfiltrd as a creator, the first thing you should be focusing on is building your page. You want to make it as appealing as possible to potential subscribers. A completed page will have high quality profile and banner photos as well as a welcome message. Please keep our community guidelines in place when selecting your public profile images. All Nudity and Explicit content much be contained behind a paywall. Have a good bio. Your bio is basically your business card- this applies to your socials too. Introduce yourself and the type of content potential subscribers can expect to see. When selecting your categories, make sure you are using these appropriately. You don't want to use a category that doesn't apply to you or your content as this can be a turn off for people coming to your page expecting a blonde bbq and finding a brunette fitness influencer. Once you've set up your page, it's time to create your subscription levels. Steph recommends a minimum of 2 subscription levels; this allows you to catch different sorts of spenders. Some people are only willing to spend the bare minimum on content, the lowest level tier is perfect for them and some of these will even convert to your higher tiers. The highest tier is for your big spenders and loyal followers that will just automatically subscribe to your highest level because they like you. You can of course have more than 2 subscription tiers, but if you're just getting into the business, its best to start with two so that you dont get overwhelmed with having more tiers to keep up with.

When setting up your subscription tiers feel free to embellish your top tier with things like:

  • Daily content

  • Talk to me unlimited

  • Send best content

  • No PPV (with the exception of sexting and custom content)

The No PPV is important if you're offering a subscription tier of 99.99 a month. Most people paying that much are not looking for PPV content and expect to be getting it on their feed. With your subscription tiers in place, it's time to upload content. Steph recommends having at least 20 pieces of content distributed between your tiers, with more of it focused on your highest tier to encourage more subscribers to start there. It is almost impossible to get subscribers with only one or two posts, so you should be stock piling content, or if you're coming over from other sites, utilizing older content, to fill out your feed to make it look more appealing to subscribers. This will be the only time you hear us telling you this but in the beginning focus on quantity over quality. Dont worry about having the highest quality content at the start of your page. You can work on quality over time. In the beginning it really is about quantity. Keep a look out for future blogs to discuss how we can improve our quality and inexpensive items.

Once you've loaded your first 20 pieces of content you should be making sure to post regularly. Use the scheduling feature to help plan your day, week and even month. Use this for two reasons: bulk scheduling frees up time for you to focus on other things, and with the current manually post moderation, if your content is scheduled, it will always post on time. When posting, dont just post for the sake of posting: Keep your content on brand. On your brand! Your page should have an aesthetic that speaks to you and your content.

The last two things to set up for your page are going to be your messaging prices and your rendez-vous. Messaging prices are set up in More> Settings> Pricing. Rendez-vous is set up in More> Render-vous.

Promoting like a pro

Okay, now you've got this beautiful Unfiltrd page all set up. How do you get traffic coming to it? Promotion baby! You're going to have to have a few social media profiles. If you recall our branding workshop with Brett Rossi, you'll want to make sure that all of your social media profiles have the same user name to make it easier to track you down from one platform to another. You're niche is going to determine the best platform for promoting your content on: We find that reddit is great for anyone who has very niche content like smoking fetish, mature BBWs and stocking content. For myself I find the I do the best on instagram as a BBW.

Reddit takes work though so expect to be figuring out the best subreddits to posts on, follow their rules and post at least to 10-20 posts across these subreddits every day. Every other day at minimum.

Twitter has a lot going on in terms of porn. Its hard to get any real traction from twitter but it doesnt hurt to use it for show casing more personality.

Tiktok is the easiest to go viral on but it's the strictest in terms of promotion. You cannot outright promote spicy platforms. But you can link your twitter or instagram to your tiktok profile with will take them to your spicy link. Dont put your link tree on tiktok. Just link your other socials.

When promoting on social media, it works best to not be outright promotional. People get turned off if they think all you're ever trying to do is sell them something. You'll see on my instagram page I almost never mention my sites in my feed posting. It comes off as cringey and no one likes it anyways. What I do do is I'll post a story slide and add my link there with something like "live chatting". Use something in the story link that will entice them to click the link and subscribe to you.

Otherwise use social media to showcase your best assets that followers will want to see more of. And NEVER give it away for free. Make them earn your content.

Building Engagement on Your Page

One of the best ways to build engagement with the followers on your Unfiltrd page is to chat often. Send out Mass DMs that serve as conversation starters and look like you could have sent it to just that person. Dont start the chat out super explicit either. Build up to it. The goal is the hook them in and keep them around. I do this by talking about more than just sex with them. Steph told a story about how she was talking to one of her fans about work and he mentioned a project. A couple of weeks later she came back and asked him how that project went. Use this to keep your fans engaged. They dont expect us to show interest in thier lives so when we do, they appreciate it and stay with us for longer.

Once you've got them hooked start working in the explicit content, but slowly.

Content Strategies

Having a plan for your content is a great way to stay organized and also make the most of your time. Content bundles are a great way to build up a portfolio for yourself and an easy way to make more money per shoot. We can make bundles for any number of things but the most popular are for sexting sessions.

Basically a bundle is a whole scene shot in multiple frames. For sexting it works well to do a handful of photos starting at completely dressed and slowly working your way out of one piece of clothing at a time. After a few photos, do short clips advancing the scene. Continue with the spice level throughout each image/video until climax.

The great thing with these sexting bundles is in a session you can make each image unlockable and gradually increase the price of the image depending on how far you've gotten into the session and how much they want it. Gauge this appropriately. Some will catch on to what you're doing and get pissed that you're trying to make more money off them.

If your bundles are not designed for sexting you can still use each bundle to maximize earning potential. I like to take photo bundles and schedule them to my subscription tiers based on how spicy they are. A 20 photo bundle gives me 5-10 days worth of scheduled content for every tier.

Spicier bundles I can post to just my top tier but use the less spicy photos to tempt people to my higher tier to see the whole set.

When you're starting out we also recommend keeping your paid messaging turned off. This keeps you accessible to people who may be on the fence about subscribing to your content or those who may just want to unlock content instead of committing to a subscription. You can use your free messages to build engagement with all of your followers. if it gets to a point where you have a lot of subscribers and too many free to follow people messaging you, you can send out a dm letting people know that you're turning paid messaging back on for now to focus on your subs and if they want to continue chatting for free they can subscribe to any tier. Keep paid messaging at $1 to continue to encourage people to chat even when paid messaging is turned on.

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out is one of Stephs best content strategies. Put one of your tiers on sale at least once a month and do it for a maximum of 48 hours. Advertise that you're putting your tier on sale and that its only for a short period of time so that if anyone has been on the fence about subscribing, they'll be more likely to do it during this period to not miss out on your sale.

You can use this for explosive content too. A lot of the creators on the platform created advent calendars and are only granting access to them to fans that subscribed during a specific period of time. Of course anyone who subscribes to the tier thier calendar is on will get the content regardless of when they subscribed. But the fan doesnt know that until they subscribe 😉 FOMO babies. use it.


We've covered a lot here. Some of it we've covered in other blogs, like promoting on social media so make sure you're checking in with our blogs regularly to keep up on changing social media trends.

Brett Rossi's workshop on branding is also covered in the blogs and a great resource for anyone just starting or looking to change things up.

If you're looking for a good scene planner or need help with content ideas or sexting scripts, our friends over at SexWorkCEO have some great resources. They have a free scene planner, as well as a monthly calendar of preplanned scene ideas, and sexting scripts. I've bought a monthly calendar and three scripts from them for just $25 and they've already paid for themselves. Plus SexWorkCEO does great work for the sex working community so we like supporting them.

Lastly, if you decide to go the instagram route for promotion and need help, reach out to me via discord or email with your instagram handle and I can take a look for you and give you tips on how to improve your instagram game. This was a long one! So if you've made it this far, thanks for sticking with me! Have a great week, make lots of money.

Sara Lyn 💜


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