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It has come to my attention that you don’t know who I am. No just kidding, you probably do know who I am but for those of you that are new here, I’m going to give a quick introduction in todays blog.

My name is Sara Lyn Chacon and I have been an adult content creator for going on 6 years with my husband. My husband take all of our beautiful photos and a lot of the videos we post to social and our paid platforms. It’s been a team effort from the start. We’ve had the privilege of working with brands on collaborations over the years, and had multiple instagram accounts in the 400k follower range. And then instagram deleted them 🫣


I joined Unfiltrd as a creator in 2021, shortly after it launched and I was in love with the platform. I wrote the blog piece A New Way to Finsta before I even started working with Stepanka and the Unfiltrd team. I was that excited for what Unfiltrd was doing. By November of 2021 I was managing the twitter account for Unfiltrd and by November of 2022, given that I had already shown prowess with writing, the Unfiltrd Blog was born. I have worn a few different hats with Unfiltrd. I’ve managed the instagram as well as the twitter account, I did support for a while there and I created all of the articles available to you in the knowledge base( if its missing anything, holla at your girl. I’ll add it). I’m still managing our twitter and Facebook accounts along with the daily blog, but the blog is my baby. Social media is a whole lot of fun. Especially where it is a constantly changing thing. There’s always something new to learn. Writing the blog has introduced its own fun challenges. Having a daily blog means we need to keep changing up the subject matter so that, you- our readers, don’t get bored. It also forces me to keep honing my skills as a writer, which I seriously freakin love.

Enough about me

That is more than enough about me… I want to hear from you! Unfiltrd has content creators from all walks of life, who create all kinds of different content. You all have your own stories to tell. And I want to hear them. We’ve already featured Sinner Hella, Cataleya and Jess C’s Mom, who all have had really great stories to tell. If you want to tell your story, and be featured in an issue of our blog, send me an email at

Thats all for today, thanks for tagging along on this crazy new adventure! Love, Sara Chacón

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