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Its an Aesthetic, Babe

I wanna channel David Rose in this blog because honestly he is just so iconic. And, he always had a vision of what he wanted things to look like. The vibe, so to speak. And this is something we need in our content. Today we're going to talk about the aesthetic in our photos and videos for our social media and paid platforms and how we can implement this without changing to much in our workflows.

Keep it Tidy

When you're shooting or filming content, you want to make sure your space is clean and tidy. There's nothing worse than having a smoking hot photo or video and having your audience distracted by the clothes all over your bedroom floor, or the general disarray of your home. I AM NOT JUDGING YOU. My bathroom counter is a disaster more often than not and my laundry basket is a never ending battle. However, I never film in my bathroom, if I do you wont see my counter, and the laundry basket is always in a closet.

I get we're all busy. A lot of us do this as a side hustle and honestly we just don't have the energy to tackle that laundry basket or sink full of dishes when we know we've got content to do.

Here is my advice. Set aside one or two areas of your home that are specifically for shooting content. It doesnt have to be a very big space but knowing this is your filming space will help ease the burden of having to tidy up everything. I have a corner of my bedroom that doesn't get touched except to film content, so it's always clean. My living room is as easy as cleaning up the coffee table and boom baby, we're ready to film.

Lighting and Image Quality

In this age of content creators and fierce competition, the quality of your image must be immaculate. people like well lit, clear photos and videos. people are less likely to purchase your content, or even follow you on a fan site if your social media photos are dark and pixel-y. make sure you're shooting in a well lit space and the quality of your camera is decent. Most cellphones these days have amazing camera quality, and they're worth investing in. They could even be considered a tax write off if you have an LLC and you purchase it specifically for running your business. Because let's be honest, most of us run everything off of our phones. If you do consider this route, talk to a qualified tax advisor about setting up an LLC and tax liability for business purchases.

As for lighting, you can get a half decent ring light for $30 from amazon. A good quality camera and a ring light, along with a clean space, will make a huge difference in your content and increase the probability of sales.

Consistency with your Niche.

If you've found your niche, your content should align with that. if you look at my instagram page you'll see that all of my photos are shot the same, edited the same and primarily focus on two things: my face and my curves(Instagram gets bitchy if we focus on my booty, which is what everyone is really there for) We almost always shoot fully clothed or if we do bikinis or lingerie, we dont emphasis the booty. This isn't only for the algorithm but you want to TEASE your viewers. Leave them wanting more. Your social media should follow a similar style. Your pictures should always have the same asethetic- not my aesthetic, your own. Having this kind of consistency in your socials and paid platforms will keep your followers converting, and your paying subscribers spending.

That's all I've got for you today. If you have any questions about how to improve the quality of your work, or how to specifically promote your insta- my specialty- reach out via discord or email.

K Love you Byeee,

Sara Lyn

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