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Metricool and why we love it

As a content creator you’re well aware of the work that goes into maintaining multiple social media platforms in order to grow your following and covert them over to your paid platforms. And in our creator workshop on Wednesday Steph talked about the importance of using social media for not letting people forget about auction, events and sales you have coming up or that are currently active. As a company, we find having a scheduling tool for things like Facebook and twitter super helpful for posting frequently and reminding you of our upcoming events.

what is a scheduling tool and why Should you use one?

A scheduling too is a tool that provides schedule component names, definitions, structural relationships and formats that support the application of a scheduling method is referred to as scheduling tool. Meta Business Suite, Hootsuite and Metricool are all social media scheduling tools. Our staff has used all three 😖 Hootsuite is probably the most well know scheduling tool, but the draw back there is they are one of the more expensive tools. With plans starting at $49 a month, they’re not really budget friendly given that you really can only schedule post to your social media sites.

Meta Business Site is pretty neat in that you can access messages and analytics, and even use promotional tools for your posts, how ever this tool only works for Meta apps, specifically, Facebook and instagram.

Metricool is like Baby Bears Porridge; its just right. Metricool gives you 50 postings across a verity of social media platforms a month for free, as well as analytics for the platforms you have linked and an option to create a link tree. If you need more than 50 posts a month, you can upgrade to 2000 posts a months for $144 a year or $12 a month. Having all of your analytics in one place, plus a link tree with including analytics, 2000 postings per month is well worth the upgrade. So why use a scheduling app like metricool? Remember in the workshop the other night (Blog here if you missed it) when Steph said not to let your social media followers forget about your auction, event or sale? Do you work a lot and maybe don’t have time to post these reminders or you might be busy and forget? Well Apps like metricool allow you to post these reminders as frequently as you need to and shows you the best time to post them. So the day your auction goes live, or your sale, use a scheduling app to schedule a few reminders to post to your twitter, instagram, etc. Use different language for each posting and attach a quality image with your reminder to capture the audience attention.

Tips for scheduling posts

If you have a week long or a month long sale, use a scheduling app to post reminders that the sale is going on.

When hyping up an auction you can use a scheduling app to post your promotional content for you during peak traffic hours when you may be too busy to manually post.

Track analytics to see what type of content is doing the best and what time that content is getting the most engagement. Use the markers on the scheduling calendar to plan post accordingly.

Do Not use the scheduling app for every post. You want to keep authenticity in your posting. If everything is scheduled it starts to sound robotic and people wont think it is really you posting. Scheduling apps should be used as a tool, not a crutch.

Questions about scheduling tools? Send us a message or leave a comment. Until next time,

Unfiltrd Staff

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