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National Chocolate Fondue Day

February fifth is national chocolate fondue day, so we’re here today with some ideas on how you can incorporate this into your content.

Photo Sets

chocolate fondue may be a little too much to be putting on your body as it can be kind of hot and not everyone is into having melted chocolate dripped onto their bodies. I’m not kink shaming those who do 😘 Instead of doing hot, melted chocolate you could do Hersheys chocolate syrup drizzled on you in a fun and sexy way. Who remembers Not Another Teen Movie when Chris Evans comes out covered in whipped cream? Play around with something like that.

Video Content

Speaking of kinks there are plenty of fans out there who would be willing to pay top dollar for custom chocolate content. You could Did strawberries in chocolate and eat them in a sensual way If you have a partner that is willing to film with you they can lather you in it and lick it off You could also do a Candle lit chocolate fondue picnic virtual date, video call or event. For foot fetish content you could splash around in it and record it oozing between your toes (IDK, I dont do foot fetish content, I’m just winging this.) Chocolate covered banana sucking for a fun simulated BJ experience

Custom Content

Dont forget to let your fans know that they can request custom chocolate content to be delivered on Chocolate Fondue day, for a special price.

Dont Forget to Promo

As always, do not forget to promote your content on social media platforms to let your fans know that they can expect chocolate covered fun from you for National Chocolate Fondue Day! Check out previous blogs on promoting if you need a refresher course on promoting best practices!


That’s all We’ve got for today but we’ll have another great blog for you tomorrow and if you liked this blog let us know by leaving a comment. To get blogs delivered straight to your inbox, make sure you like and subscribe. Love, Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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