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Popular Niches If You Dont Know Where to Start

We’ve touched on the importance of having a niche in this line of work. Your niche is going to insure that you have the right audience that will be willing to spend money on your content. Today we’re going to cover a handful of popular niches to help you figure out where to start that maybe you hadn’t considered.


Kink content is wildly popular in the adult content creator space as kink can cover a wide range of content and interests. And we’re not just talking about BDSM, though that is a popular kink too, according to my FYP anyway 😜 Kink covers anything from your run of the mill foot fetish, Stephs fart fetish fans, watersports like my friend Wonder covers, Shibari, femdom. If you think it, there’s probably a kink for it.


MILF is hella popular in that everyone seems to want to do a mom. After all, Stacys mom has got it going on. Most woman over the age of 27 use MILF as a niche even if they dont actually have kids because its ver popular among a more mature audience


There’s just something about a content creator being married that turns some people on. Whether your partner knows what you’re doing or there’s the thrill of getting caught. This niche is really popular. I mean, who hasn’t watched at least one cuckold video on PH 🫣


Dudes really love a pregnant woman. And this niche though, it has a short life span, is a big money maker! Because it does have such a short life span, you’re able to ask more money for this type of content. And who couldn’t use more money to help pay for those diapers.

Girl Next Door

Stepanka relies heavily on her girl next door niche. This has been the bread and butter of adult content since time immemorial. That cute, smiling girl that’s playful and outgoing but is secretly a total freak in the sheets. Heck yea! If you can pull of girl next door, do it boo, it will pay in spades.

Got a favorite niche you like to work in and would like us to dive more in depth with it? Send us an email at

See you tomorrow! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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