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Post Scheduling

Remember when we did a blog about post scheduling apps and why we love them for social media? Today we’re back to talk about post scheduling, but for your fan platforms instead of social media.

Why Scheduling?

Most fan subscription platforms allow you to schedule yours posts. This allows you to take some time once or twice a week, depending on how much content you have ready, and upload and schedule the content to publish on its own at a set time. This has a couple of benefits: – If you have a busy life or a full time job but your high traffic time scheduling keeps your postings regular – Scheduled posts allow you to post at the same time on the same scheduling so that your fans know they can expect a 10 am or 10 pm posting on Thursday (or what have you) this keeps your engagement high and fans around for longer. – It just saves time! instead of having to upload several times a week you can take an hour or two on one day and just schedule everything for the week. This frees up time to do other things such as content shoots, sexting and DMing, Games or just taking a break to relax and not worry about content for a day.

What to Avoid

Much like with scheduling to social media, you do want to avoid the text of your scheduled posts sounding too robotic. Your writing for each post should still be authentically you. Your long time fans will be able to tell if you’re just phoning it in, so try to keep the language as playful and authentic as possible without sounding too rote.


That’s really all we’ve got today but if you have any in put or feed back for scheduling posts or the blog in general please email

See you tomorrow! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff.

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