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Producing content… and where you really Shouldn’t

Did you all see the news about a middle school teacher resigning from her post after her students found her spicy account? If you did you’re already well prepared for this blog, if not, you can read it from the hyperlink above.

So here’s the thing, she didnt only resign because her students found the content… which is bad enough, but her students also found that some of the content featured on her page is filmed in the very class room she teaches in 😱 Never mind that this could potentially be illegal (it’s currently under investigation) but it’s setting our industry back. And here’s why:

Those of us in the sex working industry are already vilified for using our bodies to make money. And if you are producing content on unfiltrd or working as an escort out in the world, you’re part of this industry. Sex workers have been working tirelessly for years to have this industry not only legalized but decriminalized. And friends, it is an uphill battle. You can watch one tiktok video from OnlyPomma to hear some of the regular struggles we go through, including deplatforming, losing our corporate jobs, are bank accounts, etc. Filming SW content in a public space such as a school not only has the potential to expose children to an industry responsible SWers want them having no part in, but it adds fuel to the fire of those working against our industry.

Think of the credit card companies that already limit where you can spend your money, visa no longer processes payments to sites like pornhub based on a moral high ground. And it’s already difficult to get payments from sites like OF and other competitors due to these kind of corporate decisions. If content creators give them more reasons to pull processing, they will. The industry would tank because no one would be getting paid.

So, where can you film that will bring some variety to your content but wont expose you to losing jobs, and possibly facing criminal charges? Well, public places are out, and this is because of public nudity laws. If you’re at a topless beach, thats one thing, but if you’re in a Target, maybe keep your clothes on. Flashing your goods in costco is considered Predatory behavior, kind of like the guy wearing nothing but a trench coat on the subway 🫣 So let’s not be doing that. Your car if generally okay as long as you’re very clearly in an area where there’s no one else around you and you’re not like… driving down the highways, be safe. Outside is okay, again as long as there is no one around you that is not consenting to being filmed. Your fenced in backyard is a great example of this. Don’t do this on public property. Definitely don’t be producing content in schools.

If you have any questions or concerns about what is allowed or what could potentially be removed for violating community guidelines, check the guidelines or messages Security for clarification.

See you next time! Unfiltrd Staff

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