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Promo 101: Live Streams

One of the more fun ways to actively promote your fan subscription platforms is to set up a live stream on instagram or tiktok. These are a great way for your fans to get to see more of your personality in a live format and engage with your content. Today we’re gonna go over some good strategies to have a successful live stream.


You’ll want to make sure you’re timing your live stream to occur when your fanbase is typically online. You’ll want to check your analtyics on instagram to determine where the biggest portion of your active fans are and determine the best time to start. For example, I’m on east coast time, but a lot of my fans are from the west coast. So I want to make sure my live is around 8pm to coincide when most are getting out of work and commuting.


Once you have figured out the ideal time to host a live, let your fans know that you will be going live and they should join you for that live stream. Use cute promotional images and create slides using Canva to create your own little informational story. See the example below:

This is a slide I created in canva for the last Live I did with Steph and Cat

Something like the above slide lets your fans know what time the live starts and if you have anyone else joining you.

Invite Other Creators

Some of the best and most lucrative lives I have done have been while chatting with other content creators. These have been so successful for a couple of reasons:

  1. Interacting with someone else in the live keeps things lively and interesting. If you’re doing a live with someone you know and like you can have a glass of wine together and chat about your day, you projects or really anything. Cat and I have done a few of these where we each had a few glasses of wine, and talked about what we had been working on for unfiltrd, what our travel plans were and more!

  2. Having a fellow content creator on allows you to easily talk about your fans subscription platform with out feeling like you’re only hosting the live to push people to subscribe. Being able to organically talk about the platform in a way that doesnt feel sales driven is actually going to make people more curious about what you’re working on for current subs.

  3. If you and another content creator are keeping an eye on the chat and the FAQ available on some platforms, you can get some interesting questions and start some great conversations around the question. We do not recommend letting fans join lives, if they want an opportunity to talk to you they should be directed to a fan platform to utilize voice and video chats. dont give your time away for free.

Go Live

Okay so you’ve determined when to go live, created your promotional material and promoted your live for a couple of days to get the excitement buzzing around it, AND you’ve invited another content creator to go live with you. All that’s left now is to go live! There are a couple of things to keep in mind in regards to lives:

  1. nudity always applies on social media. Make sure you’re dressed. Sexy or cute, but dressed

  2. Blatant advertising of explicit content is usually frowned upon (some people with blue checks get away with it) Unfiltrd is still a little under the radar so you can get away with straight up saying Unfiltrd in your lives. But if you’re going to be talking about only fans use terms like “O F” and “Only Friends” Etc. Tiktok is even stricter about this! So if you’re going live on tiktok dont mention either platform and just tell people to check the link in your bio.

Good Luck!

I’ve had a lot of success with going live on my instagram, especially when I’ve had another creator to chat with. Try these strategies and let us know how it goes for you! See you tomorrow!!! Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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