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Promo promo promo… ep 2

It has become increasingly difficult for creators on NSFW platforms to cross-promote themselves on other websites and apps. For example, there has been a huge crackdown on adult creators on Instagram and TikTok. Unfiltrd provides a space where you can post some of your spicier content for free, without the risk of community strikes, there is always a risk to your public pages when advertising and soliciting adult oriented content.

When promoting content to your social media accounts you will need to keep the platforms community guidelines in mind, especially around sexual content and solicitation. The larger your platform, the more mindful you must be of how you are advertising yourself. Always share the benefits of your subscription with the proper wording that is mindful, accurate, but still alluring. For inspiration on how to promote your page check out Promoting Tips Ep 1

Our tenured creators have used many subtle promotional strategies in thier time doing content online, and sometimes without even realizing it was helping boost thier subscriptions until after the fact! Here are some things that Stepanka has done, and you can do, to help boost your page:

  1. Make SFW bikini, lingerie, clothing, comedic, or other targeted content on social media platforms.

  2. Make content that is naturally geared towards consumers interested in NSFW content (dating advice, how to dress, how to get the girl, sports, etc)

  3. Use a landing page to promote yourself on platforms that do not allow NSFW content. Links trees are great for this.

  4. Do QnA’s on social media and focus on answering questions that set you up to answer in a way that will plant a seed of curiosity. Always find natural opportunities to mention your paid content that don’t feel like advertisements.

  5. Network with other models that have similar styled content. We cover SFS and Networking

  6. Use the proper hashtags to make it easier for people to find you (do not overuse hashtags though). We also cover proper hashtag use HERE

  7. Always maintain a sense of mystery. We see women posting their content for free on twitter, reddit, etc, and this can do more harm than good to your conversion. People are intrigued by the unknown and they want what they can’t have. Post your promo photos with censored strips when possible.

  8. Once you’ve started making some income on Unfitrd, allocate some of those earnings into a marketing budget. There are some great promotional pages on Instagram that will help you build an audience thats targeted yo your niche (do your research on the page before paying them)

  9. Engage with your audience, reply to messages, comments, and ask questions in order to get conversations started.

We’ve covered quite a bit today, so to avoid overwhelming you, we will com back with more promo tips and tricks in Ep 3. See you then! 😘

Unfiltrd Staff

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