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We talk a lot about promoting in this blog and that because promoting is going to be a key factor in your success as a content creator. People wont subscribe to your content if they don’t know it exists. So lets cover what you can promote and how to promote it;

Unfiltrd offers a ton of great features that make is pretty easy for your fans to connect with you. For example, we’re the only platform that offers voice and video calling right on the platform. To promote this, you can post to social media that you are taking calls from fans at a certain time every day, or days that suit your schedule. (To set your price per minute on calls go to More> Account Settings> Price Settings: from here enable calls and set your price per minute, Save at the bottom of the screen. ) Once you let them know, don’t let them forget it. Find a way to promote yourself on at least one social media network at least ONCE a day. Make it a part of your routine to wake up each morning and remind your followers what it is that they are missing out on if they aren’t already members already. As your audience grows and your content becomes more better, you’ll be able to build hype around upcoming Events and special content.

Never allow people to forget that you are constantly working on something new and different. It is easy to fall into the trap of complacency and create sub-par content, so make sure that you are evolving and trying new things. Your content should not only excite your followers, but you as well! People can sense when your content lacks passion and enthusiasm, so I always say it is very important to not just create for others but for yourself.

What to promote and how

Okay so we already discussed calls, and these are a great service to promote as fans are always wanting to connect with content creators on a more personal level, and whats more personal than a one on one call? But thats not the only service your content you can offer with Unfiltrd. There’s auctions, events, sales and new and exciting upcoming content that you’ve created. Like maybe that certain type of content that has been heavily requested but you’ve never done before Let’s start with sales. Sales are a great way to bring in new fans who maybe aren’t sure that paying full price for a subscription is worth thier money. Sales offer them an in at a discounted price, and if they like your content enough they’ll stick around to renew at full price the following month. Keep holidays and events in mind. For example, today is Black Friday. It’s a day well known for shopping because companies are offering mad discounts on almost everything. Why not use this as an opportunity to run a Black Friday Sale on one of your tiers?

Auctions are another great money making tool and relatively easy to promote depending on what you’re auctioning off. The most popular items to auction off are panties but if you want a successful auction think outside the box; you could do something more creative like a virtual date, coaching programs (if you’re good at what you do and want to help other), content bundles. Anything that falls inside our community guidelines and federal law can be auctioned off.

Events are a great but admittedly under utilized feature on Unfiltrd. Events allow you to charge admission to a live event. Let your followers know that whatever you’re doing on your event will be happening in real time. So if they want to see you… get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey… or cook a turkey in not much at all… let them know it’s in real time. Lives on social media are always popular and promoting this should be handled the same way as you would promote your lives on socials.

When promoting your page, events, auctions and sales, remember what we said above; Dont let them FORGET. Post it on all of your social medias, use instagram stories, instagram and twitter postings and the retweet feature on twitter to remind your followers about what you have going on on Unfiltrd. Post at least once a day leading up to events and auctions to remind fans that they still have an opportunity to join the live or bid on the auction. Remind fans that your lives are open for calls and when lines close for the day- also use this as an opportunity to let them know when lines will open again to generate buzz. Use FOMO- Fear of Missing Out- to your advantage.

We’re going to wrap todays blog up here, but we’ll be back tomorrow with more on promoting and how to make your content stand out from the crowd.

See you tomorrow, Sara Chacón, Unfiltrd Staff

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