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Promoting Tips Ep 1

Hello Unfiltrd!

I’m coming at you today with some helpful promotional tips. This post will cover some helpful phrases you can use to help get your Unfiltrd out there with you. I really encourage you to use some of these phrases in your promo on social media this week. Maybe take one you like and use it? Unfiltrd might be a new platform for a lot of your followers and fans on social media. I know I get asked a lot by MY followers, “is this like Onlyfans?” And instead of giving them a long reply, or addressing each individual person – just use one of these simple phrases in your promo in case any of your followers might be confused as to what Unfiltrd is!

So try some of these out in your promos and see which one works best for you:

  1. “This isn’t like OF; this is something more unique and with features designed to let us have more fun together!”

  2. “Unfiltrd is my SPECIAL fan page. You have to experience it to understand the difference from other sites ”

  3. “Come see me on Unfiltrd and let me show you what other sites wont let me post ”

  4. “No restrictions, no filters. See it all on Unfiltrd”

  5. Auctions, events and one on one calls. Connect with me on Unfiltrd and get access to me like never before!”

  6. “My SEXIEST Fan page”

  7. “The most intimate way to connect with me”

I definitely feel this will make your promo a lot more spicy and successful! Try it out and see how it goes. If you need instagram promo – make sure to follow our @unfiltrdofficial!

Follow our other socials on Facebook and Twitter for more tips, tricks and opportunities to be promoted.

XO, Stepanka

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